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4 Reasons To Love Working at the Creditcall WeWork Office

With our New York office quickly expanding we wanted to share some experiences of working for Creditcall in the Big Apple.

Jerry works as Integration & Live Support Team Lead in our New York office, check out why he loves working at the Creditcall WeWork office below.

Working at Creditcall has been a fun and exciting experience since day one. The ability to spend a month in the UK at our Bristol office for training was not only beneficial to developing the skills needed to work in the fast-paced payments industry, but also an experience that will never be forgotten. We got to meet so many intelligent and amazing people during our stay in Bristol, many of whom were always eager to show us a great time around town after helping us get through a day of training on complex payments concepts. After our training, we went back to our NYC office which is in the incredible WeWork Penn Station building in Midtown West. After spending some time at this office, there are four aspects that make the location a fabulous place to work.

Creditcall New York office - Bring your dog to the office day

#1 A sense of community

The concept of WeWork offices is brilliant because participating businesses and their employees gain the community of a variety of offices sharing a space and its amenities, each while pursuing their own specific goals. As an added perk, we’ve found the people are friendly and it’s not uncommon to strike up a conversation while getting a cup of coffee, which is prepared daily by the WeWork staff, from the shared common area on each floor.

#2 Accommodating growth

What’s great about WeWork is that a constantly growing company like Creditcall can be accommodated in many ways due to the variety of different sized office spaces in the building. What began as a team of two grew just a few months later. Before long, we added another four employees. WeWork was able to accommodate us with a larger office in the same building, minimizing the time taken and stress on employees of having to move to a completely new location.

#3 Fun atmosphere

There is never a dull day working in the NYC office as there is always something happening in the WeWork building — from the weekly happy hours to the Wellness Wednesdays and random free food and drink samples that are given away by WeWork partner companies. Some favorites have been the “Cold Brew Nitro Coffee Keg” and a make-your-own-tacos feast. Also, every floor in the building has a different beer on tap and there are days after work where employees can enjoy these beers together. The building is also pet-friendly, which means your hard days at work are made happier when you get a visit from one of the canine co-workers. In addition to these in-house perks, there are also multiple discounts offered to WeWork members such as gym memberships and hotel discounts.

Creditcall NYC Office - Beer on Tap

Creditcall NYC office is based in the Penn Station WeWork

#4 Great location

The Midtown West location of WeWork Penn Station is great as well. With 14 subway lines, the LIRR, the Path train, and Citibike all within two blocks, you can easily get to the office from anywhere in NYC, Long Island, and parts of New Jersey. Want to get something to eat and are tired of the same old thing? Some feel the best part of the location is the many different restaurants that you can choose from for lunch or a nice dinner after work. There’s Hale and Hearty Soups a couple blocks away for the winter weather. Hard Rock Cafe is also close by. As New York City is a melting pot, you can easily find any kind of cuisine that your heart, or stomach, desires. If you’re a fan of the Knicks or Rangers, you can have a couple of beers after work and head over to the world-famous Madison Square Garden which is only two short blocks away from the building. Not a fan of sports? There are plenty of other options in the area, from shopping at Macy’s to catching a Broadway show in Times Square, all within walking distance.

Working at Creditcall is exciting every day. This is not only due to our position at the forefront of the technological innovation currently taking place in the electronic payment processing world; but also because of everything that we’ve talked about in this post and more. In short, coming to work doesn't feel like something we have to do, it feels like something we want to do.

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