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When Atos needed to introduce EMV compliance to more than 4,500 terminals it chose NMI's EMV Kernel as a cost effective and hassle-free EMV migration solution.

The challenge

When Atos – previously known at Schlumberger Rail – needed to ensure EMV compliance of its network of ticketing terminals, an upgrade of its systems was needed to ensure it would be able to migrate to EMV which itself was a mandatory requirement for anyone accepting card payments. However with 4,500 terminals in the network Atos needed a solution that was straightforward and cost effective to implement.

How NMI helped

Creditcall’s EMV Kernel offered the perfect solution since it was both cost effective on implementation and offered low on-going costs.

How it works

NMI was able to provide its comprehensive EMV toolkit which comprises two EMV Level 2 Kernels, EmvX and EMV.LIB. The former, EmvX runs on Windows at cashier terminals at the station and has enabled new portable devices to offer EMV capability. The EMV.LIB Kernel meanwhile has a very small memory footprint and so is better suited to ticketing terminals where processor speed is particularly low, such as legacy handheld machines.

Why NMI?

NMI was chosen because it was the company to best fulfil the brief set by Atos. NMI's EMV Level 2 Kernel was proved to have the lowest maintenance cost of other options whilst Atos said it was impressed with the expertise offered by NMI in the early consultancy stages of the project.

The results

Atos was able to meet its EMV compliance obligations in a timely and cost effective manner with on-hand consultancy available when it was required.

Jeremy Gumbley, said: “As EMV migration experts we can offer high-level advice and an easy transition for companies and markets that are moving towards EMV – such as the US - where we can offer the same high level advice and service.”

A spokesman for Atos said: “Working in partnership with rail operators such as Virgin Trains, Southwest Trains, GNER and Network Rail, we constantly look to pioneer technological solutions that foster a more user friendly experience. In order to meet the EMV certification standards set for all terminal operators we chose to work with NMI to ensure ease of deployment, cost effectiveness and quality of consultancy.”

Key facts

End user



Required solution to migrate to EMV


EmvX installed on Windows platforms at cashier terminals in train stations and on new portable devices and EMV.LIB installed on small memory footprint machines such as legacy handheld machines


EMV compliance achieved in a fast and cost effective manner.

NMI Team