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City of Seattle

The challenge

When the City of Seattle was looking to reduce the amount of cash held by people on the street the obvious choice was to introduce parking facilities which would allow drivers to pay for their parking via credit card rather than cash. It therefore needed to find a payment gateway provider that would enable it to upgrade the functionality of its existing machines.

How NMI helped

We were able to offer our parking payment solution – enabling the hardware supplier Parkeon to upgrade its machines and deliver the new services that the City of Seattle required, ensuring better safety and security of its staff by reducing the amount of cash they needed to carry around whilst also reducing the amount of cash held in the machines.

How it works

By using our payment gateway, the processing of card payments made by drivers are authorized in real-time via a radio data network. The terminal then prints the receipt which is used as the parking ticket and indicates the amount that has been paid by the driver.


Reliability and cost are often key drivers in any project, for the City of Seattle there was an extra constraint since the City’s transportation department had allowed just 13 weeks to create, test and commission their cash free payment infrastructure. Time was therefore of the essence and meant that as well as considering other credentials the City, and its machine supplier Parkeon, also assessed payment gateway providers worldwide based on their track record for delivering well-engineered solutions within short timescales.

The results

We were able to deliver in the limited time that the City of Seattle required. The new solution improved the safety of the city and freed up the time of both locals and visitors who no longer had to look for change when parking.

Greg Nickels, mayor of Seattle, said: “Parking just got a whole lot easier. NMI's cash free parking pay stations allow customers to spend more time shopping, conducting business and touring and less time searching pockets, purses and cars for spare change. The city is also a safer place.”

The future

The City of Seattle project, which was the largest of its type in the US at the time, proved its success and later rolled out to the likes of Miami, New Orleans, Chicago and Denver.

Key facts

End user

City of Seattle


Need to reduce cash handling and cash carried in the city




Safety of locals and visitors improved and the system later rolled out to Miami, New Orleans, Chicago and Denver

NMI Team