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Employee Insights: From robotics to payments – Joe, joined Creditcall in May 2012

Meet Joe!

Joe is our Senior EMV Integration Support Engineer. Joe liaises with our customers all around the world and expertly supports them throughout the project process from their very first encounter of EMV to completing the integration of our Kernels. No matter the complexity of the question Joe is always happy to help and his EMV knowledge is remarkable. That's why we depend on him!

What were you doing before you joined Creditcall?

I was living in a post university daze. I studied Robotics at UWE and did not have a specific plan other than get a job and become a real adult (still waiting on that one).

What job role did you join as and has it changed since you started?

I joined as an Application Support Engineer. I am now a Senior Integration Support Engineer!

As my role was new within the company, I was the first dedicated support person. I found that the role evolved based on my strengths and also what it was realised was needed within the team. Over time, I have taken more responsibility for certain aspects of the team such as helping qualify sales leads, helping on sales calls, and providing estimates of work on possible projects.

How was your first year here?

It‘s my first job after university and my time working in an office which was quite a transition in lifestyle. I’ve learned a lot in my first 6 months due in no small part to the training within the team I work in. It was a good introduction into the working world as I was able to start helping the team very quickly and interacting with customers, all with a safety net. I never felt I was dropped in the deep end and found I was supported when needed but also given responsibility to actually make a difference in the team. I was made comfortable enough that I could suggest changes and see them made within the team. Over the year my role evolved and by the end of the year I was promoted!

What have you learnt since joining?

Experience is genuinely valuable. I have been proven wrong by my more experienced colleagues many times. One of the great things about working alongside my colleagues is that I learn a lot off everyone all the time. I’m even teaching others a few things every now and then ;)

What have been your highlights?

I would guess the parties, only kidding, although they are fun. I would say my promotion was a high up there. I also found the fact I actually had a noticeable effect within the team and also that I actually ended up taking on a lot more responsibility than originally envisioned.

What challenges have you overcome?

I have always dreaded giving bad news to anyone. In a professional environment you have to mature a little and realise people need to hear bad things sometimes. As long as you can explain fully and direct them on the course to mitigate any risks and disruption, people will appreciate the honesty and guidance.

What do you like most about Creditcall?

It’s a great environment to work in and the structure is flat, everyone speaks to everyone. Flexitime is also nice!

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