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Employee Insights: Maths and payments, match made in heaven – Harriet, joined Creditcall in June 2014

Meet Harriet!

Harriet works as a Customer Integration Coordinator within our EMV team. Harriet liaises with our customers and our internal teams to ensure that projects run smoothly and steadily. Harriet has a fantastic aptitude for getting things done and was in fact promoted into this role in 2015.

What were you doing before you joined Creditcall?

I was still in my final semester at University studying for a Mathematics degree when I was offered a job as a Certification Engineer at Creditcall. I hadn't been sure what job I wanted after university so had been looking into many different fields, I just knew I wanted to be in technology and somewhere I could really progress and learn at. I felt I was finished with the student lifestyle and ready for the real world! When offered the job at Creditcall I couldn't pass up the opportunity and got stuck in straight away moving to Bristol and starting work only a week after my last exam at university.

What job role did you join as and has it changed since you started?

Although I started as a Certification Engineer my job role has since evolved and I am now a Customer Integration Coordinator. I still get to do testing of customer equipment, and now have a lot of experience with this, but I also coordinate the overall EMV Kernel project lifecycle. I work with customers throughout the project and help them in planning timelines, lab bookings, and reviewing documentation required in the certification.

What have you learnt since joining?

When I started work at Creditcall I joined the friendly bunch in the EMV team. My role was testing customers’ equipment integrated with our Kernel ensuring they meet the industry standards. I would perform the test cases and also work with the customers to investigate and resolve issues when necessary. I was given training when I first started and everyone was more than happy to help when I had questions too so never felt like I was just thrown into it.

What have been your highlights?

I would say my highlight is simply joining such a nice team! I was nervous leaving university and wasn't too sure what to expect joining an office based company. I was also moving to a new city but Bristol is such a lovely place, I have met friends for life and even my now husband!

What challenges have you overcome?

There have been challenges in the role as with any job but I think it is overcoming these that really make the job so rewarding. As is the way, issues can be found in testing at the most critical of times but the team really does pull together and you never feel like you are on your own in it. Getting the certification for the customer at the end of a project is then worth all the hard work throughout.

What do you like most about Creditcall?

The team has grown further since I started and I have been able to pass on my new knowledge to others too. We do lots of team outings including regular lunches out together, cinema nights, and also big all company events.

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