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Is your payment gateway an asset or liability during tough times?

Is your payment gateway an asset or liability during tough times?

The COVID-19 pandemic has probably changed our world forever and has tested us in ways we couldn’t possibly imagine. Nearly every industry has been affected and many organizations are struggling to maintain operations, service customers and keep employees safe. With stresses coming from every angle, the last thing you need is to have your payment gateway create additional strain due to its own shortcomings.

Redundant data centers bring resilience and reassurance

NMI takes electronic payments seriously, and the last thing we want is for our partners or their customers to suffer any additional burden due to us. NMI is proud to share that where as we strive for 99.99% availability, we’ve experienced no downtime in 2020. Downtime is extremely infrequent at NMI regardless of the current conditions as we built our solutions with decades of experience of building available mission critical services. While most payment companies have a couple of data centers at most, NMI currently has six strategically located around the world. The result is a highly available system that’s designed to be there when our partners and their customers need it.

The “work from home” shift was seamless

In addition to our 100% data center uptime in Q1 2020, NMI, like many other organizations today, transitioned our employees to work safely from home ahead of Government mandates. Thanks to an early adoption of cloud-based ticketing systems, CRM, and unified communications solutions a few years ago as part of our business continuity strategy, getting all of our 189 employees functioning as normal from home took just 48 hours. It’s unlikely that anyone external to NMI even noticed the change since our responsiveness didn’t change and our support functions continued as before uninterrupted. Additionally, “in progress” integrations with ISVs are continuing as normal with no interruptions.

A legacy of reliability

NMI’s reliability, particularly during these trying times, is a testament to its employees and their families. While disasters such as this pandemic provide opportunities to excel, it’s not surprising that NMI’s team operates with such care and focus all year round -- and has been doing so for decades. In fact, NMI was one of the first payment companies to achieve PCI DSS certification in 2005 and one of the first payment gateways to achieve cross-region certification. Much has changed since version 1 of the data security standard, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our continuous dedication to security and reliability. Today, more than 14 years later, NMI has completed its 15th PCI DSS certification, something few other payment companies can claim.

Last year, NMI’s PCI P2PE 2.0 solution was validated by the PCI Security Standards Council, creating a true omni-channel solution that combines a validated P2PE solution for POS and self-service with e-commerce/MOTO (mail order/telephone order) processing, on one platform with a unified reporting system. This validation, in addition to a PCI PIN certification, are examples of NMI’s commitment to security standards that create reliable solutions for merchants around the world.

The true test of partnership is how we respond in the face of adversity. If there’s any way that NMI can assist you or your customers during these times, please let us know. With so much uncertainty in the world, you can rely on NMI to be an asset as opposed to a liability.

NMI Team