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Payment innovations create value for retailers across multiple touch points

Online commerce will grow at more than six times the rate of in-store sales through 2022, according to research, reaching nearly $6 trillion in sales. Despite this growth, most retailers aren’t looking to abandon their in-store efforts. On the contrary, most are seeking to cater to both online and in-store shoppers, providing a seamless customer experience.

Turning innovation into opportunity

Technologists, fintech innovators and ISOs can help retailers seeking to gain a competitive advantage by embracing payment innovation. Loyalty apps can help retailers track purchases and issue reward points. Purchase histories can be used to send marketing promotions to customers. Timely push notifications can be sent to customer smartphones based on their geolocation.

The goal for retailers? To increase customer engagement and improve the customer experience.

To help retailers engage with customers in these meaningful ways, you’ll need a unified commerce platform that will:

  • Allow retailers to collect payments of many types across all channels
  • Use tokenization to enable customers to use the same form of payment on any device and on any channel, without having to enter payment data for each purchase
  • Remove payment data silos and provide valuable customer insights by creating solutions for retailers based on payments data collected across all channels
  • Have broad device support that doesn’t limit options
  • Make it easy and efficient for you to service your clients through a single portal

Unfortunately, finding one payment provider that could assist in all the above areas has been challenging — until now.

NMI is driving transformation in the payment industry through the power of Unified Commerce Enablement. NMI offers all the above, plus the ability to white label your payment solutions to enhance your brand and perceived value to retailers. If you’re ready to learn more about the only unified commerce platform you’ll need for all your customers, contact us.

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