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Q1 2021 Platform Updates and Enhancements

Q1 2021 Platform Updates and Enhancements | NMI

As always, we've been hard at work updating and enhancing our Payments Enablement Platform. During the past quarter, we released many notable items that we wanted to review and share.


Apple Pay: Apple Pay is now available for both Collect Checkout and Collect.js! NMI has removed the lengthy process and cost merchants previously faced when integrating Apple Pay. The NMI platform now allows merchants to configure everything in a few simple steps right from the merchant portal through the Apple Pay Mass Enablement Service.

Collect Checkout: Start taking ACH payments in your Collect Checkout carts today! Merchants with an active ACH processor now have the ability to give their customers more choice in how they pay for products. The merchant has full control now to allow only cards, only checks or let the customer decide at checkout. You can also now have your customers enter order ID, PO number or any merchant defined fields during checkout. This will make it easier to collect all relevant customer and transaction data through Collect Checkout.

Collect.js: For developers using inline integration type, we added the ability for them to display credit card brand logos inside the credit card number field that Collect.js displays in the iframe. Review the integration portal for details on implementing this in your integration today.


The iProcess UI has been updated with a new keypad, a new app icon, support for dark mode and an assortment of small changes that increase the usability of the app.


Order Devices: Added support for Elavon - EMV and all First Data Rapid Connect processors to the BBPOS device.

ChipDNA Cloud:

  • Added support for 'Duplicate Transaction Checking' to allow merchants to block repeat transactions within a short period of time to help block accidental duplicates when using a cloud device.
  • Added the device connection status to the Device Management API for ChipDNA Cloud devices. Merchants will be able to see the connected and disconnected status of their devices via API.



  • Added support for Payer Authentication and Payer Authentication 2.0 to the Braintree and Cashflows processors.
  • Added support for Payer Authentication 2.0 to the EPX and Credomatic Web Services Processors.
  • Added support for Payer Authentication 2.0 to the processor for Discover and American Express card types on TSYS - EMV. This is in addition to Visa and Mastercard which were already supported.

Chase Paymentech NetConnect Salem - EMV Processor: Added support for the processor to the platform. This will enable ecommerce, MOTO and retail EMV transactions to run through an entirely new Salem processor.

First Data Nashville North and First Data Nashville North V2 Processors: Updated certification and added support for Credential on File (CIT/MIT) Transactions as well as Payer Authentication 2.0 (VS/MCSC/AESK). Card types supported for both CIT/MIT and 3DSv2 are card types Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

CredoRax ePower - EMV, Elavon EISOP UK - EMV and Worldpay APACS - EMV Processor: Added support for three new EMV processors specific to the UK/EU Region. These will allow merchants who use ChipDNA enabled terminals or processing ecommerce and MOTO transactions to use the gateway. This will provide merchants with the ability to process transactions through several transaction sources such as ChipDNA SDKs, Virtual Terminal, Direct Post API, iProcess and more.

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