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Q3 Platform Updates and Enhancements

Q3 platform updates | NMI

As always, we've been hard at work updating and enhancing our Payments Enablement Platform. During the past quarter, we released many notable items that we wanted to review and share.

Merchant Features

Google Pay: Offering Google Pay at checkout can reduce cart abandonment by up to 55% — and now it’s available on the NMI ecommerce solutions, Collect.js and Collect Checkout! Merchants processing with TSYS or Elavon viaConex can use it immediately, and will automatically get Google Pay as an option when creating buttons in Collect Checkout. For Collect.js, developers will need to add Google Pay to their integrations, and can find documentation in the integration portal.

Automatic Card Updater: Subscriptions are a great way to drive recurring revenue. But out-of-date cards are used in up to 32% of all recurring transactions, leading to a poor customer experience and more work for merchants. That’s why Automatic Card Updater now supports recurring subscriptions. Merchants can now update cards saved for recurring subscriptions and in the Customer Vault.

Product Manager: There’s now a better way to sync product data with the NMI Gateway for merchants with larger product catalogs or those who manage their catalog via a 3rd-party solution. Batch Upload lets merchants bulk add their catalog to the NMI Product Manager. Products can also now be added, updated and deleted in the Product Manager via the Direct Post API.

iProcess: Auth-only transactions are now supported in the newest version of the app, giving merchants flexibility around taking payments in the field and then capturing them for settlement on their own schedule.

Collect Checkout

Payment Links: Collect Checkout is designed to make ecommerce as simple as possible, and Payment Links take it another major step forward. In less than a minute, a merchant can create a new product in the Product Manager, generate a link, and start taking transactions. Links can be added to a website or shared via social media or email.

Customer Vault: Collect Checkout now lets integrators add a customer to the Customer Vault without running a sale transaction. That enables more workflows for integrators and significantly simplifies adding to the Vault.

Choose Your Own Amount Button: Collect Checkout now allows consumers to choose the amount they’d like to pay. This new button type makes Collect Checkout more flexible and useful for different types of merchants, and is great for anyone who wants to accept online donations.

QR Code Generator: QR codes have become the go-to method for creating contactless experiences during Covid-19. The QR Code Generator makes it incredibly easy to create a code that can be scanned by a consumer's native iOS or Android camera app, directing them to a Collect Checkout page to complete the transaction.

Affiliate Control Panel

Fees: Affiliates can now agree to new fees on behalf of merchants at any time from the Control Panel (previously only possible when first creating a merchant account), saving you and your merchants time when adding new processors or services.

Security: We recently added an optional security feature that prevents logins from unrecognized devices. This feature is off by default, but you can request it be turned on for any affiliate or merchant account. You can also request an advanced merchant feature that lets you turn the feature on or off for any merchant account in your portfolio.


ChipDNA Cloud: Now integrators can simulate device interactions via API for Device Management (estate management and registration/deregistration), Processing, and AsyncStatus Polling. That lets you build out solutions without the need for a physical payment device, reducing the number of devices you need to buy to service your merchants.

Verifone UX: Have you ever lost your parking ticket and had to pay the full amount? We’ve partnered with Verifone to allow drivers to use a credit card as their parking ticket for a faster, easier experience. It’s now certified with Chase Paymentech.

New Device Certifications:


New Certs


Ingenico Lane/3000, Lane/5000, Lane/7000 TSYS, First Data, Elavon, Worldpay ChipDNA Windows, ChipDNA Linux, ChipDNA Cloud API
Ingenico iSelf First Data, Worldpay ChipDNA Windows, ChipDNA Linux
Ingenico iUC285 Elavon, First Data, Worldpay ChipDNA Windows, ChipDNA Linux
BBPOS Chipper 2x BT First Data, Elavon ChipDNA Android, ChipDNA iOS, iProcess
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