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Q4 Platform Updates and Enhancements

As always, we've been hard at work updating and enhancing our Payments Enablement Platform. During the past quarter, we released many notable items that we wanted to review and share.

Affiliate & Merchant Features

Affiliate Control Panel:

  • Try out the redesigned Affiliate Control Panel today! If you want to preview the new interface that will be rolling out this spring, turn it on from your user settings page to give it a test run today.
  • Redesigned control panel only - get easy access to product sheets, brand-able documentation, and user guides for getting the most out of NMI right from your Affiliate Control Panel. Check these out from the new "Marketing" page in the modern control panel's main menu.

Collect Checkout:

  • Merchants can now create buttons that add customers directly to the Customer Vault without running a transaction. This is a great way to collect secure payment data that can be stored for future use.
  • Never lose a payment link again! The new history page in Collect Checkout allows you to retrieve all payment links you've ever created. This also brings the ability to disable payment links you have created in the past.

Enhanced Data (Level III): Added VAT Tax Amount and VAT Tax Rate fields to the Virtual Terminal for merchants with Enhanced Data (Level III) enabled.

Email Templates: Added the ability to send customer receipts in Spanish. To enable this, any merchant can go to their Account Information page and select the language they'd like to use.

Transaction Reports: Updated the merchant's Transaction Report configuration to include Merchant Defined Fields. Merchants will now be able customize their reports to make these fields immediately visible in the Transaction Report search results display.

Google Pay: Added support for integrators using the Google Pay SDK directly. Documentation on how to get the gateway to decrypt your Google Pay tokens is under a new Google Pay section in the Direct Post API section of the Integration Portal.

Virtual Terminal: Merchants will now be able to cancel an in-flight ChipDNA Cloud transaction that is running in the Virtual Terminal via a button on screen versus cancelling via the pinpad device.

Cash Processor: Give customers a break when paying with cash! Direct Post API integrators can now send in a cash discount with their cash and ACH transactions from their custom software solutions. Cash discounts will appear on customer receipts, ensuring customers can see their discount.

Direct Post API: Added the ability to edit recurring plan details via the API. This will let merchants update entire plan details without needing to log into their Merchant Control Panel.

iProcess & SwIPe


  • Added auth-only support to the app on iOS and Android. This is done right from the sale page, and captures can be performed from reporting in the app.
  • iProcess now supports ChipDNA 2.18, which includes additional processor support for the BBPOS Chipper card reader, and keying in card numbers up to 19 digits.
  • Added support for surcharging and non-USD currencies, giving merchants more flexibility than ever in how they accept payments in iProcess.

SwIPe Software: SwIPe version 6.0 brings support for a new device and a brand new look and feel! The Ingenico Lane/7000 now works with SwIPe Software, the app itself has gotten a UI refresh, and the app now requires Windows 10. Merchants still using Windows 7 or 8 will still be able to download SwIPe version 5.1.4 from the merchant control panel.

Processors & Devices

Devices: Added support for Fall-Forward capabilities on devices that support Contactless.

Ingenico iSelf: Added support for the Ingenico iSelf device to First Data Rapid Connect and Elavon - EMV Processor for unattended environments. Merchants and Partners using ChipDNA v2.18 and higher will be able to take advantage of this new certification. For ordering inquiries, please contact Support directly.

Ingenico iUC285: Added support for the Ingenico iUC285 device for vending/unattended environment to Vantiv Core Host Capture - EMV Processor and First Data Rapid Connect Processors. Merchants and Partners using ChipDNA v2.18 and higher will be able to take advantage of this certification. For ordering inquiries, please contact Support directly.

Lane 3000: Added support for the new Ingenico Lane/3000 device to Vantiv Core Host Capture - EMV and Worldpay Core Host Capture - EMV Processors. The Lane/3000 is the next generation EMV Smart Terminal and will replace the Ingenico iPP320 device. This is available for both ChipDNA SDK and Cloud implementations.

Lane 3000/5000/7000: Added support for the Ingenico Lane/3000, Lane/5000, and Lane/7000 to First Data Rapid Connect EMV Processors and Elavon - EMV for SDK and ChipDNA Cloud usage! Merchants using these processors will now be able to make use of the next-generation Tetra series of devices.

Verifone UX 300 Device: Added support for the Verifone UX 300 device to Chase Paymentech NetConnect - EMV Processor for vending/unattended environments. For ordering inquiries, please contact Support directly.

CredoRax V2 Processor: Added support for Payer Authentication 2.0 on the processor. Card types supported are Visa and Mastercard.

Global Payments East - EMV Processor: Added support for online refunds to the processor. This will help merchants remain compliant when processing refunds and blind credits.

Optimal Payments Processor: Updated to support Credential on File functionality for the Recurring module, APIs, and Batch Upload. This will enable merchants to maintain compliance with regards to card brand regulations surrounding CoF/card storage requirements.

Vantiv Now Worldpay Core - Terminal Capture Processor: Added support for merchants with Worldpay's Prime Service to utilize PINless Debit routing for their recurring and installment transactions.

First National Bank of Omaha ACH Processor: Added support for a new ACH processor to the gateway. The integration supports SEC codes WEB, PPD, CCD, and TEL as well as recurring billing.

Ecommerce & MOTO: Added eCommerce and MOTO capabilities to Chase Paymentech NetConnect - EMV Processor, Heartland Payments Portico - EMV Processor, and WorldPay Core Host Capture - EMV Processor. This will provide merchants with the ability to process transactions through several transaction sources such as Virtual Terminal, Direct Post API, Collect.js and Collect Checkout, Keyed through iProcess, and more.

NMI Team