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Webinar Recap: 2021 Product Roadmap

2021 Product Roadmap Webinar | NMI

In our recent webinar Jennifer Sherman, NMI’s SVP of Product gave a look into what's coming next for NMI and how we're empowering our partners to stay ahead of the latest digital payment trends.

Since we didn't have enough time to answer all the questions submitted during the webinar, we have addressed them below.

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Do you have a list of POS systems that have integrations to NMI?
We don’t currently track the list of POS systems that have been integrated with NMI. As we build out our marketplace offering, we hope to start tracking this with new integrations going forward.

Is 3DS v2 currently supported for US merchant transactions?
We support 3DS with our 3-Step Redirect API and Quick Click in the US today, and have been steadily adding support for our US processors. If you have questions about a specific processor, please reach out to In 2021, we plan to add support in Collect.js and Collect Checkout.

What about an inventory module?
NMI does not currently offer inventory management, but we are evaluating that opportunity for a future roadmap. If it’s something you’d use, please send an email to so we can gauge interest.

When will we know what brands and integrations are available in the technology marketplace for us to start using?
We’ll send a variety of partner communications when new marketplace offerings are released, including but not limited to release notes listings, notifications in your control panel, a webinar hosted by the listing provider and product content to help you sell the new offering.

Is NMI partnered with Kount now or is that a future project?
We currently plan to release an integration with Kount in 2021.

Is deployed terminal management on the roadmap to develop?
We don’t currently expose our device management infrastructure to end users. But we do have self-service terminal management capabilities on our roadmap, as covered in the PCI P2PE enhancements discussion. Please email to let us know what specific capabilities you’re looking for to make sure we consider your needs when we scope this solution.

Will my merchants need to swap out their devices for the new online PIN translation to work? Which processors will this be supported on?
Devices purchased through NMI today will be enabled for PIN translation (and therefore processor changeout) when that capability is released. We're working with the processors and acquirers to make sure we have enough coverage at launch to cover most of our existing EMV processor connections. If you have a specific acquirer in mind, please email to check.

Where can we review the webhook API for obtaining the card data (PAN/PIN) from CreditCall for integrating to our ecomm payment gateway? Is this available currently for pre-certified devices using ChipDNA Direct API?
The ability to convey PAN data in a webhook is on the roadmap (currently slated for early 2021) and will be documented in our documentation portal and control panel when released.

Can we do cash discounting on NMI?
NMI supports cash discounting on Invoicing today. We plan to add cash discounting support to iProcess, our out-of-the-box mPOS solution, in early 2021.

How will I get access to a sandbox environment?
When the new sandbox is ready, registration will be available right within the documentation portal.

Is Quick Click still an option to use?
Yes, Quick Click is still available for use and we have no end-of-life plans for it at this time. That said, we are very excited about our new eCommerce offerings. We urge our affiliates to look at Collect Checkout and determine if it’s time to adopt the newer look and feel.

Are there other device interactions planned for ChipDNA Cloud (Ingenico form modification to display items as they're scanned or subtotals, etc.)?
We are evaluating capabilities like Quicktips as percentages, branding and custom inputs (text boxes, loyalty, phone number, signature, etc.). These features are not supported across all devices, so we are evaluating them on a case-by-case basis.

When will ApplePay on the Web be available on the NMI gateway and do you have more information about how it will work?
We’re enrolling in Apple Pay's mass enablement program for easy onboarding of your merchants without having to go through Apple to register. We hope to roll this out in Q1 2021, joining Google Pay which we support today. We hope that this will apply to all MCC codes except those in nonprofits, which will have to register and validate their nonprofit status with Apple directly.

When is the mPos tap to pay release expected?
Our plan is to enable our iProcess mPOS app for Tap on Mobile (the ability to use an NFC-enabled phone as a payment device) in 2021, likely towards the middle of the year.

Will logos for Chip DNA devices (on-screen display) be available in the merchant portal?
Logo display has not been designed yet but we will certainly take this input into account!

When will the new developer tools be ready?
The capabilities discussed in today's presentation are planned to start rolling out in 2021. Some of the developer solutions discussed (like the single API) are long-term projects that will take place over multiple quarters.

Will the app store have ecommerce platform integrations? Who will develop the integration (NMI or the 3rd party)? Will there be a certification process to approve the integration?
Yes, our aim is to have integrations to ecommerce platforms as well as other payment-adjacent solutions. All marketplace listings will go through an NMI review, test and acceptance process.

When will Collect Checkout support ACH?
This has not been scheduled yet but it is on the list for sometime in 2021.

Will all the EMV hardware solutions continue to be used with the NMI software program SWiPe?
We’re in the process of updating our SWiPe solution, which will continue to support EMV hardware.

How are you identifying potential partners for the technology marketplace? Are you reaching out, or are you looking for those with potential listings to contact NMI?
We have internally identified a starting list but we are always open to input. Please email with any suggestions you may have.

Will Cloud PIN Debit transactions (not through SWiPe software) be available with the PIN Key translation?
The feature names sound the same but the capabilities are different. PIN Debit support for ChipDNA Cloud is not part of the PIN Translation feature, but that feature is also on our roadmap for 2021. Thank you for asking or we would have forgotten to share this!

Can you expand upon what you are doing with defaulting Level 3 data? Does it go beyond what you currently have? Will it apply to any payment channel?
We do plan to expand and augment the capabilities we currently have in Level 3 data in 2021. We are not yet in solution design for that project so scope and functionality will be shared closer to the release.

When will the new developer API that Jennifer mentioned be accessible?
The new API is the largest development effort discussed today. We expect to get the first few iterations out in 2021, but it will take multiple quarters to get this solution out.

Is the mobile POS a PCI environment?
Whichever NMI products you use to take payments, you always have to abide by the rules of PCI DSS. While our products dramatically reduce how in scope you will be, PCI DSS obligations must always be considered, and you can never be fully exempt.

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