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Celebrating what matters most — the NMI team!

Our mission at NMI is to use our expertise to enable more payments, in more ways and more places. In 2019 we hit new heights as NMI continued to innovate in the payments space. However, none of our success would have been possible without the hard work of our employees.

Without the dedication of an amazing group of people, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So one of the last things we did in 2019 was to celebrate what matters the most: our team!

When we’re caught in the day-to-day stresses of business — meeting the needs of customers, finding new customers, improving our product, and keeping up with current trends — it’s easy to overlook some of the big picture things that can happen to and within a company. Last month the team gathered in their respective offices to celebrate some noteworthy milestones related to our most important asset — our team. We also took this time to celebrate each other in our first ever annual internal awards — known as The Nemmys.

The awards ceremony began by recognizing long-serving employees. Most companies would be lucky to celebrate a single employee working for the company for 15 years but NMI had the honor of recognizing 5 employees (including two NMI founders: Chief Technical Officer, Matt Schmidgall; and Chief Strategy Officer, Nick Starai) as they hit their 15-year anniversary!

Additionally, we celebrated another 6 employees on their 10+year milestone and a magnificent 26 NMI employees hit their 5+ year mark! Finally, we couldn’t forget to recognize NMI’s Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Officer, Jeremy Gumbley, who is a founding member of Creditcall (which NMI acquired in 2018) and has served the company for a phenomenal 20 years!

At NMI, we have made it a priority to build a team atmosphere that employees want to be a part of. Yes, we work hard and believe that what we’re doing matters greatly in the world. We respect, encourage, and support one another – often outside of the office as well as inside. We also have some fun when it’s appropriate.

We are very proud of our growth and increased market share; We are proud that we’ve continued to grow the company and have expanded our footprint across the globe. However, we are most proud of the team we’ve assembled. Business - and life - would be quite unfulfilling without the friends we work alongside every day.


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