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CEO Insights: It’s Time To Address The Payments Needs Of European SMEs

In past blogs we’ve discussed the many challenges facing software developers when it comes to keeping up with payments security and innovation. The reality is that the majority of software developers are not payments experts, and yet, because their software incorporates some form of payment acceptance, developers have been forced to spend valuable time and resources keeping up. In the meantime, their ability to improve the core features and functions of their software is hampered.

One market where this can be extremely costly is in retail. At a time of extremely fierce online competition, retailers are fighting to create meaningful relationships with customers, creating brand loyalty, and — hopefully — increased sales. Retail isn’t alone when it comes to significant trends altering the industry. Hospitality and transportation face their own unique struggles.

Software developers catering to these markets, especially in the SME category, should be focusing their time and energy on helping the users of their software perform better and win in their markets, but they can’t.

Actually, they can.

When it comes to the retail market and its unique needs mentioned earlier, Creditcall and Credorax, one of the first Fintech companies to evolve into a licensed European Merchant Acquiring Bank, recently partnered to launch an integrated omni-channel payment platform for the under-served European SME market.

The end-to-end service includes online, mobile, in-store, and unattended payments acceptance, with a rapid certification service for software developers, ISOs, and payment facilitators targeting the European market.

The new partnership provides an optimised end-to-end service that greatly reduces the time-to-market for developers. Creditcall facilitates a fast and easy deployment through its portfolio of SDKs and APIs, allowing for online payments and multiple payment devices to be supported within days on multiple channels across Europe. Credorax’s digital onboarding and quick MID setups play a key role in speeding up the process. Combined, both companies also provide an integrated payment gateway, credit card processing, and state-of-the-art reporting for seamless and automated back-end reconciliation.

We’ve all heard horror stories regarding payment integrations gone wrong. Unfortunately, many have taken these stories to mean that there are no true “fast,” “easy,” or “cure all” solutions available. Software developers who’ve partnered with Creditcall have a much better story to share. They’re the developers back to spending time on their software as opposed to worrying about payments.

Insights from Lars Pedersen, Creditcall CEO

NMI Team