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NMI is a payment gateway with offices in the Chicagoland area, Bristol UK, New York City and the Salt Lake City area. Join us and you can help power the next era of payments and develop the tools used by millions, globally.

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We liberate innovators, embrace new technology and open up opportunity.

Our mission is to use our expertise to enable more payments, in more ways and more places. We provide innovators the freedom to focus on what they do best, liberating them from restricted payment solutions and giving them access to the latest payment technology.

Without realising it, you have probably used our software in the last 24 hours, whether that’s when ordering a burger, online shopping or booking a train ticket.


You will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the brightest, most passionate, talented people in the industry. We’re a team of industry leading experts, hell-bent on disrupting the payments space.

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Our Numbers

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$100+ Billion
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1.5 Billion
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Close-knit teams

No matter which office you are in, our closely knit teams encourage collaboration, healthy debate and continuous learning. This gives you quick access to support when it is needed, but also the space to let your creative juices flow. This blend of collaboration, support, and freedom of creativity is what really allows every one of us to make a difference. Everyone speaks to everyone and we all help each other out. Not only do we have our annual Summer and Christmas parties, we also have social groups from online gaming to yoga, from golf to rock climbing, and everything in between, our social channels have something for everyone.

We’re passionate about tech!

We’re all techies at heart (some people may even call us nerds). As a global company with colleagues across 6 different time zones, technology is what keeps the wheels in motion. There may be an 8 hour flight between us but we make sure we get together over Google Hangouts and Slack.

Without our people we wouldn't be able to deliver world-class tech.

Victor in Chicago

Victor is our Helpdesk Technician in our Chicagoland office. His job keeps him busy with supporting our IT infrastructure and we can always count on him for any IT-related queries (to which he usually responds with “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”). Victor is big into music and dabbles in personal computer projects.

“It's a fun and challenging experience being able to work with people in and outside of my department, but overall super cool.”

“The company culture was definitely different than any other company I've worked at. It's very welcoming and people aren't afraid to engage in conversation or help you with something if you need it.”

“Since starting at NMI, I have definitely gained knowledge and wisdom. People are always willing to give their advice and consultations when asked!”

Emily in Bristol

Emily is a Payment Solutions Tester/Developer in our Bristol, UK office. She is developing a framework that will automate a large portion of the testing for one of our products. As part of the QA team, Emily ensures that our mobile payment solutions technologies are up to our high standards and ready to go out to our customers. Emily is a keen yogi and chills out in the evenings watching cartoons.

“I work on a small team, which I love, from day one they made me feel comfortable asking questions and instantly made me feel like a valued member of the team.”

“Before starting work I was nervous about how the skills I had learned at university would transfer to the workplace, however everyone seemed more than happy to take time out of their day to help me learn.”

“Everyone at NMI was incredibly supportive when I was going through a difficult time in my personal life, I was baffled by the level of support that was offered to me by the company and my colleagues.”

Anthony in New York

Anthony is a Pre-Sales Technical Consultant at our New York office. He joined NMI as a new grad in Integration Support and has since developed into his current role. He’s the technical resource between our sales team and our customers, advising on the technical components of our products to make sales happen. He was born and raised in New York. Outside of work, he enjoys fitness and gaming with a couple of other interests in the mix.

“When I started, the payments industry seemed to be a rather intimidating beast, but with the amount of knowledgeable individuals at NMI who are able to answer curiosities at any level of granularity.”

“Working here has taught me about a huge industry that runs in the background of our everyday lives and has opened my mind on where the future of payments could be heading.”

“NMI has managed to gather a diverse community who legitimately want to see each other grow.”

Tyler in Salt Lake City

Tyler is our Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis and works out of our Pleasant Grove, Utah office. Tyler helps gather and analyze financial data to inform our budgeting and forecasting processes. He’s super active spending his free time climbing, fishing, and snowboarding but his most challenge fitness test is keeping up with his growing family!

“Working here has provided a good work life balance, affording plenty of time to spend with my young and growing family, while providing a stimulating and fast paced work environment.”

“My opinions are considered, and I feel that I can help the company make more data driven decisions. I have never felt micro-managed and I feel like my input is valued.”

“The team here has provided all the help and support that I need but has also allowed me the freedom to work autonomously.”

Any more questions?

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Any more questions?