Build better contactless integrations with the ChipDNA Cloud API

The fast, futureproof way to create EMV and contactless payment integrations

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Help merchants go contactless

While online sales are growing, in-person transactions are still a valuable source of business for merchants. But they want the ease and security of EMV and contactless payments. NMI makes building EMV and contactless payment integrations fast and simple.

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Get to market quicker

Traditional payment device integration requires a lot of time and development resources. Most SDKs are platform specific, meaning you have to build multiple versions of each integration. That leads to longer development cycles, more technical restrictions and more support. The platform-agnostic ChipDNA Cloud API makes building EMV and contactless integrations as easy as offering online payments.

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1 API, 0 headaches

Building your omnichannel integration with a single API lets you create a robust system without the hassles of traditional SDKs. You’ll get full support at every step thanks to NMI’s expert integration team, comprehensive technical documentation and a range of cloud-enabled devices certified with major processors.

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ChipDNA Cloud took out so many potential points of failure. It's plug and play: if you can connect it to the internet you can run payments

Build for the future

Product updates often get shelved due to the complexity of working with outdated technologies. ChipDNA Cloud lets you innovate your product while completely removing older dependencies — making your product team and your customers happy. You’ll also get the benefit of new features and other software updates without ever having to update your code.

With ChipDNA Cloud, the amount of support time is completely disappearing. That's how I see it, NMI is making something difficult easy.

It’s not just for integrators

ISOs and resellers can take advantage of the new Virtual Terminal Cloud enhancement, which allows merchants to initiate EMV and contactless transactions on cloud-enabled devices.


Powering online and omnichannel selling for merchants is critical in helping them respond to the shifting buying habits brought on by COVID-19.

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