Providing payment processing services isn’t as simple as making a sale and waiting for residual checks. Lead management, merchant boarding, underwriting, and reporting all take considerable resources, as does providing ongoing support. Moreover, in today’s highly competitive merchant processing world, the processes and tools you leverage can mean the difference between success and failure, profitability and stagnation. However, NMI’s recent acquisition of IRIS CRM aims to help ISOs and ISVs take control of their onboarding and merchant management.

Sales Tools Allow You To Sell More and Work Less

As a sales organization, manually managing your pipeline, generating proposals, and analyzing sales metrics can quickly become a full-time job. IRIS CRM includes many features to automate and speed up the sales portion of your payments offering. Merchant agreements can be pre-populated with information from your leads, while electronic signatures help eliminate the frustration and delays caused by incomplete applications. Proposals can be generated in minutes. Real-time metrics allow you to track sales-related activities and make informed decisions based on actionable data.

Boarding and Reporting Have Never Been Easier

IRIS CRM’s TurboApp centralized merchant boarding platform gives you the ability to submit new merchants four to seven times faster, increasing your team’s workload capacity by at least 500%. Reporting tools, including live notifications, allow you to lower your attrition rate by providing better customer service. Dispute reporting enables you to view retrievals and chargebacks easily. Additionally, dashboards provide an overview of portfolio performance and residual contribution per user.

Stand Apart With White-Labeled Customer Support

Happy customers are the most important thing to your business. With IRIS CRM, you can track and resolve customer support tickets efficiently and quickly. The solution can also detect flight risks, allowing you to be proactive in customer retention and intervene in potential lost revenue opportunities earlier than ever. You can also ensure support requests are handled promptly. Finally, all services can be provided through your own branded merchant portal, allowing you to increase merchant stickiness.

Residuals Calculations Don’t Have To Be a Chore

IRIS CRM has many features built to help with residuals. A reporting tool allows you to perform residual income calculations in minutes. Agents can be paid directly through ACH. Profitability metrics will enable you to track your growth and profit on both a merchant and portfolio level. With IRIS CRM’s residuals calculations tool, you can spend more time gaining new accounts.

Communication Is Critical

A perfect merchant relationship can be easily ruined by poor communication. IRIS CRM’s suite of communication tools, such as a built-in dialer, chat, and speech recognition, empower your team to dictate emails and notes quickly, reach more prospects with SMS, chat with each other to get things done, and make more calls in less time.

Why Now Is the Time To Adopt a Payments-Focused CRM Platform

Solution providers today need every advantage available. By leveraging the power of IRIS CRM, ISOs and ISVs can better position themselves to sell faster and smarter while maximizing profitability. Get a more thorough overview of IRIS CRM’s features, or contact NMI to learn more.

Don’t just turn on payments, transform the way you do business

  • Generate New Revenue By adding or expanding payment offerings to your solution, you can start earning higher monthly and transaction-based recurring revenue.
  • Offer the Power of Choice Allow merchants to choose from 125+ shopping cart integrations and 200+ processor options to streamline their onboarding.
  • Seamless White Labeling Make the platform an extension of your brand by adding your logo, colors and customizing your URL.

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