IRIS CRM Lead Data Sharing


Automatically share complete merchant applications with your processing partners, along with files and notes, for seamless workflows with your processing partners who are also using IRIS CRM. 

Lead Data Sharing in IRIS CRM allows you to quickly and easily send lead records with their files and notes to another IRIS CRM client to make the process of submitting merchants to a partner ISO or processor easier than ever before while eliminating double data entry. 

Lead Data Sharing offers an easy to use data mapping interface to control which data is allowed to be shared and ensure the data being received fits smoothly into your own lead records.

Topical Chapters

0:00 - Introduction
0:35 - Set Up Sending Profile
4:22 - Set Up Receiving Profile
7:19 - Sharing a Lead
8:28 - Lead Sharing Permissions
9:10 - Conclusion