The Dilemma:

Payment facilitators have an opportunity to offer merchants a simpler alternative to the traditional merchant account, but are often unable to get their business off the ground due to a lack of technology. This often results in a failure to launch, which is not only unfortunate for the payment facilitator, but also has repercussions for their sponsor bank. Any predictions of future revenue from sub-merchants (for both payment facilitator and sponsor bank) are rendered useless without the proper technology that will support the payment facilitator’s business.

The Solution:

FACe solves the common payment facilitator dilemma by providing a ready-to-deploy platform that supports a wide range of payment facilitation needs. Payment facilitators can rely on FACe’s technology to speed their time to market and allow them to focus on offering their customers the best in sub-merchant services, and sponsor banks can rest assured that the payment facilitators they register will be enabled to board sub-merchants with ease.

Who Can Use FACe?

NMI’s FACe platform is built for existing payment facilitators, as well as companies that want to register as payment facilitators. The best candidates for FACe have a good understanding of risk management; specifically:

  • ISOs
  • VARs

What Are The Benefits


Payment facilitators can leverage our FACe technology to run their business simply and efficiently.


Go-to-market time is reduced by leveraging a ready-to-deploy platform that includes all the features and value-added services payment facilitators might need to onboard and service their merchants.


Overhead is reduced when payment facilitators aren’t required to make a considerable financial outlay to develop and maintain complex technology.


NMI manages many aspects of industry compliance and certifications. Using FACe significantly reduces the risks associated with maintaining your own payment platform.

What can FACe do?


Seamless On-boarding

Allows a payment facilitator to create both a merchant account and gateway account in a single step in real-time.


Automated Sub-merchant Creation & Management

The gateway collects a few simple data points and communicates them to the processor in real-time to create a sub-merchant account under the payment facilitator’s “master merchant” ID.


KYC Service & Reporting

Know Your Customer requirements are different for a payment facilitator than a traditional merchant service provider, and FACe provides all the tools necessary to manage these KYC requirements, including comprehensive reporting.


Sub-merchant Accounting & Billing

Using these services, payment facilitators can set rates as they see fit for each sub-merchant, and FACe tracks the credit card processing and gateway fees for every merchant.

Sub-merchant Statements

Payment facilitators can send consolidated statements—which include merchant account and gateway fees—to all their sub-merchants directly from the FACe platform.

Reconciliation Reporting

FACe “gross settlement” statements make reconciliation painless for sub-merchants.

Automated Chargeback Importation & Notification

Payment facilitators and sub-merchants are kept in the loop on any chargeback activity.

Consolidated Gateway & FACe Reporting

For payment facilitators who also service merchants with traditional accounts, FACe reporting is fully backwards compatible with any traditional merchants boarded on the gateway

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