Fraud Detection

January 21, 2016 9:21 pm

Did you know you can help your merchants detect fraud before it happens?

Merchants are exposed to all types of fraud and need protection; as their merchant service provider, you want to give them the tools they need to conduct commerce safely. Our fraud-scrubbing tool, iSpyFraud, is a rules-based, real-time monitoring solution that can help merchants detect different types of suspicious transaction activity—before it costs them.

Why iSyFraud, and Why Now?

Merchant Liability May Be On the Rise

Processing payments has always had its risks, and it looks like those risks might just be on the rise: A study by the Aite Group found that CNP fraud in Australia went up by 100 percent—from $72.6 million AU to $198.1 million AU—in the three years following the country’s transition to EMV cards, and similar jumps occurred in Canada and the UK1. With the U.S.’ changeover to chip technology currently in full swing, payment experts predict that a spike in ecommerce fraud is just around the corner for us.

In other words, the time has never been better for merchants to explore ways to protect themselves and their businesses.

Increase Your Revenue While Protecting Your Merchants

As with all our value added products and services, partners can adjust iSpyFraud pricing on a per merchant basis. Your merchants benefit from the reassurance iSpyFraud can offer them, and you benefit from the boost to your revenue.

What Can iSpyFraud Do For Your Merchants?

iSpyFraud allows merchants to configure extensive filters that evaluate suspicious transactions. The software’s advanced reporting system gives merchants a quick and easy way to review transactions, block suspicious activity, and zero in on malicious users.

1. Conroy, Julie, “EMV: Lessons Learned and the U.S. Outlook,” Aite Group, accessed September 2015,