Multiple Levels of Support

September 21, 2015 5:29 pm

Did You Know NMI Offers Multiple Levels of Support?

NMI offers various levels of support to help you and your merchants. Our in-house team of Technical Support specialists can assist with technical, billing and integrations issues for partners and merchants alike.

We Offer Dedicated Account Management to Our Partners

As you become familiar with and learn how to take advantage of everything your payment gateway has to offer, NMI provides you with access to a dedicated Partner Development Manager who can help you with high-level product and service training on a one-on-one basis, as well as ongoing strategies to help you grow your payment gateway business.

We’re Here to Serve

Our interactions with partners and merchants run the gamut from:

  • Questions about QuickBooks SyncPay, CertifyPCI, QuickClick
  • API troubleshooting
  • Complex billing and commission questions
  • Talking through integrations options with developers and merchants.

We’re not only your payment technology company, but also strive to be a full partner in driving your business.

Contact Us for Help

We are available to support you and your merchants from 8 am-6pm CST, Monday through Friday. Call us at 800-617-4850, or email