NPA 2023

September 18-21, 2023
September 18-21, 2023

NPA's Convention & Expo offers the critical industry knowledge and networking opportunities you need to succeed as a parking professional. Make the case to your supervisor about why your attendance at NPA 2023 is an important part of your organization's success.

The parking and transportation sectors are key to the growth of the economy. Market dynamics in North America are high points of interest to parking and transportation leaders - both public and private, as well as planners, investors and government agencies. A wise investment in training can uncover untapped resources, provide game-changing insights and offer business processes to help you succeed. Regardless of your role, job title or area of expertise—by attending NPA’s convention you will gain insights on the economy, parking, best practices and disruption changing the face of parking.

The only question you should be asking is...can you afford not to be there? As you make your case for attending the convention, choose sessions and speakers who will provide you with insightful advice and information on advancing your parking operation in an ever-changing environment.

Dan Cambridge

Warren Birchley

Oli Carey

Pete Alcock

Chantal Dalton

Peter Galvin

Chief Marketing Officer

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