IRIS CRM New UI Notifications


IRIS CRM's new user interface has improved the user experience as well as added many new and improved features, including major updates to our notifications functionality. Users now have full control over how they view pop up notifications and access to all historical notifications in their CRM system. More specific controls over notifications allow users to tailor how their notifications to their own workflows and never miss an actionable follow up item.


IRIS CRM - NMI Payment Gateway Boarding Integration

NMI and IRIS CRM have made sweeping changes to our merchant payment gateway onboarding integration to eliminate the need for manual data entry. ISOs and ISVs can now onboard merchants to NMI faster than ever before to help scale their merchant services business by reducing the time to processing. 


Complete NMI gateway configuration can now be done directly from IRIS CRM so users don't need to switch between platforms. With default configurations such as merchant required fields, advanced services, sub affiliate plans, and custom pricing, plus automatic merchant data population, IRIS CRM is your one-stop shop for boarding. 

Topical Chapters

00:00 - NMI Payment Gateway Boarding Integration
01:07 - Add NMI API Key
01:57 - Default Gateway Configuration
02:49 - Create Boarding Ticket
03:48 - New Boarding Ticket Features
05:35 - Board Merchant To NMI