NMI MRM Power Dialer

Contact more prospects while improving sales call preparation, quality and customer database syncing.

NMI MRM Power Dialer NMI MRM Power Dialer
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Efficient and effective calling is a fundamental driver of ISO success. NMI has designed the ultimate ISO call center to help your agents and support staff elevate their performance. Our solution provides a better sales process for leads and a better support experience for your merchants.

With NMI’s Merchant Relationship Management (MRM) call center, your team can make every lead and merchant feel like they’re the company’s sole focus. Automate most of the repetitive aspects of your team’s daily calling while taking advantage of the full power of integrated customer resource management. The result is happier agents, a faster sales process, better merchant retention and higher monthly residuals.

MRM Power Dialer Call Center Features

The Call Center features are designed specifically to offer the tools independent sales organizations need for successful sales and support in the payments industry.

Just some of the features packed into our power dialer include:

Just some of the features packed into our power dialer include:

Cloud-Based Storage and Operation Cloud-Based Storage and Operation With our MRM, you’ll never need to buy telephone hardware or worry about a phone bill again!
Call Queues Call Queues Use pre-built calling queues to automate dialing and reduce repetitive tasks.
Interactive Voice Response Interactive Voice Response Our MRM comes with a full IVR system to ensure your inbound calls are properly and efficiently routed.
Local Presence Local Presence Quickly and easily choose an outbound phone number from your recipient’s local area to maximize answer rates.
One-Click Voicemail Drop One-Click Voicemail Drop Reclaim wasted time by eliminating the need to wait for the beep before leaving a voicemail.
Advanced Dialer Metrics Advanced Dialer Metrics Enable managers to make better decisions through access to complete data on calling operations.
Agent Training and Quality Control Agent Training and Quality Control Use call recordings, listen-in, and whisper functions to help agents meet their full potential.
CRM Integration CRM Integration Give your agents access to all the key information they need, right from the dialer.
Mobile Access from Anywhere Mobile Access from Anywhere Use the dialer to elevate calling even from outside the office with the new MRM mobile app.

Mobile App

Cloud-Based Contact Center

Cloud-Based Contact Center Cloud-Based Contact Center

Cloud-Based Contact Center

Streamline Your System and Say Goodbye to Expensive Hardware and Add-Ons.

The call center is completely cloud-based, meaning all you need to get started is a USB headset. The MRM completely replaces your traditional phone system, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware, expensive software and monthly phone bills.

By switching to NMI MRM, you can set up and easily access your call center using your company’s existing computers. Support teams and agents can begin using the solution from the moment they log in.

Because the call center is cloud-based, your system will be automatically updated and modernized as the NMI team expands the platform and adds new features. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about the costs associated with replacing an old, obsolete phone system as technological advancement marches on.

Your ISO will never have an easier, more feature-rich, user-friendly, or more economical phone system than the one offered by NMI MRM.

Increase Talk Time by 300%

Continuous Dialing With Call Queues Continuous Dialing With Call Queues

Continuous Dialing With Call Queues

Supercharge Your Calling Efficiency and Make Your Team’s Lives Easier.

Efficiency is everything in calling environments, but the strain of repetitive dialing takes a toll on your staff. With our MRM’s automatic continuous dialing function, your team will be able to make more outgoing calls without the mental, physical, or emotional wear and tear traditionally associated with high-volume manual calling.

NMI MRM’s call queuing enables your agents to quickly and easily create a list of their daily calls by using the call center’s CRM integration to pull numbers from your stored leads and merchants. Once a call queue is built, your agents can simply sit back and let the system handle the dialing for them — completely hands-free.

As each call ends, the MRM will automatically launch the next. That means less wasted time between calls, more prospects reached each day and more new merchants added to your client roster.

Your agents and support staff can also instantly launch calls by clicking on the telephone icon in any of the lead or merchant accounts stored within NMI MRM. The dialer will launch automatically, connecting the agent’s call and providing them with on-screen access to all of the MRM’s calling features.

Automated Local Presence Calling

Automated Local Presence Calling Automated Local Presence Calling

Automated Local Presence Calling

Increase Out-of-Area Answer Rates by up to 400%.

The ability to recruit and serve merchants across the country — and even the world — is a huge part of maximizing your ISO’s growth and residuals portfolio. But calling out-of-state prospects from an area code they don’t recognize is a surefire way to destroy your answer rates.

NMI MRM’s Local Presence feature eliminates that problem by enabling your agents to call prospects from a preselected list of local numbers. This solution boosts answer rates and keeps your leads moving through the sales process.

With NMI MRM, your agents can assign which number they want their outgoing calls to appear as from the “manage phone numbers” tab of the dialer settings. Port existing telephone numbers or purchase new ones with area codes from all over the country from within the “local presence” tab.

That means that even if you’ve never done business in a specific state or area, with NMI MRM, you can have a new number up and running within a matter of minutes.

One-Click Voicemail Drop

One-Click Voicemail Drop One-Click Voicemail Drop

One-Click Voicemail Drop

Stop Waiting for the Beep and Keep Your Agents Moving Through Their Call Sheets.

Inevitably, some of the numbers on your call sheet won’t pick up. When that happens, waiting for the beep to leave a message takes up to 30 seconds on average. Although 30 seconds may not seem like a big deal, that time adds up quickly.

NMI MRM’s one-click voicemail drop eliminates that wasted time by letting the system handle the voicemail so that your agents can move on to the next call.

Setting up voicemail drop is as simple as uploading one or more pre-recorded voicemail messages to an agent’s user account. From there, any time a call goes to voicemail, agents can simply drop the selected voicemail with a click and then hang up. The system will ensure the message is delivered without the need for the agent to wait on the line.

Advanced Dialer Metrics

Advanced Dialer Metrics Advanced Dialer Metrics

Advanced Dialer Metrics

Maintain a Clear Picture of Your ISO’s and Individual Agents’ Calling Operations.

NMI MRM’s call center enables managers and executives to make better decisions by providing a complete set of advanced dialer analytics through the reporting dashboard.

The dialer metrics dashboard can be reached from anywhere within the platform and provides permission-based access to everything a manager needs to know about calling operations at all levels.

Tabs provide metrics on all live, in progress calls and active queues. Tabs also show historical data on group, user-level and dialer-wide activity.

Insights include:

  • Dialer-Level: Caller, Receiver, Time of Call, Call Duration, Call Recordings, Leads, Call Direction and Call Outcome
  • User/Group-Level: Dials, Voicemail Drops, Inbound/Outbound Connects, Inbound/Outbound Talk Time, Wait Time and Wait Time %

Custom date ranges enable you to view historical numbers for any time period. You can also export reports for external use in Excel or CSV format in just two clicks.

Agent Training and Quality Control Tools

Agent Training and Quality Control Tools Agent Training and Quality Control Tools

Agent Training and Quality Control Tools

Identify Opportunities for Improvement and Create Better Training Programs.

Quality of service and adherence to regulations are crucial for successful telephone operations. Our MRM call center offers a number of tools designed to improve your team’s performance in both areas through better training and quality control.

Call recordings enable management, human resources and permitted agents to retroactively listen to calls to evaluate performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and tailor training programs to individual agents’ needs.

Managers can also listen in on live calls and use the whisper feature to guide agents through an interaction without the customer hearing. If more direct intervention is required, managers can use the barge feature to enter a call and speak directly to the customer.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Unlock the Full Power of Customer Resource Management Right Through Your Call Center.

NMI MRM is not just a call center or power dialer – it’s also a complete, industry-leading customer resource management platform. The NMI MRM call center is fully and seamlessly integrated with all other areas of the CRM system, giving your agents access to:

  • Lead management tools
  • Schedule management
  • Document storage and handling
  • Emails
  • Advanced analytics
  • Built-in helpdesk
  • Live chat and more

These features are just a few clicks away and are available during live calls. The result is that your agents will have access to your ISO’s complete organizational knowledge as well as all key members of your team to assist them with the sales process and merchant support — all without ever having to switch platforms or leave your call center.

MRM Android and iOS Mobile App

New NMI MRM Mobile Application

New NMI MRM Mobile Application

Enable Your Staff to Utilize Your Call Center from Anywhere at Anytime.

NMI MRM has recently released our new mobile application, available now in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. The new mobile app enables your agents and support staff to access many of the MRM’s call center functions from their smartphones. With this solution, there is no longer any need for your team to be chained to their desks to get the most out of your power dialer.

Users can open the mobile dialer directly, providing access to calling, call recording, call log information, voicemail, contact lists and more. Agents can also dial out to any of your merchants or leads by opening their profile and tapping the phone icon, just like they can in the full web application.

The mobile app also provides access to merchant relationship management, lead management tools, residuals data, helpdesk tickets, user management and much more. It truly puts the full power of customer resource management directly in your agents’ hands.

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