Industry leaders share their thoughts on the latest payment trends

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Bank and Fintech Partnerships Drive Innovation

Banks and fintechs are realizing in today’s volatile economic environment that they need each other to survive, which is spurring innovative partnerships. Listen as Vijay Sondhi, CEO of NMI, discusses the complexities of banks and fintechs partnerships in this episode of “The Buzz.”

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A Payment Gateway as a Technology Enabler for ISOs, ISVs, & Payment Facilitators

Nick Starai, Chief Strategy Officer of NMI, sat down with George on the Payments on Fire podcast to discuss the role of the independent payment gateways and their evolution as a technology and business enabler for today’s providers of payment acceptance: ISOs, ISVs, and merchants.

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How To Become a “Next-Gen” ISO

“Just selling payment processing is not enough,” Vijay Sondhi, CEO at NMI tells James & Patti in this week’s featured interview. Then James addresses the need for ISOs to streamline merchant onboarding, and Patti reports on Senator Durbin’s latest plan for regulating merchant acquiring.

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NMI Acquires USAePay To Optimize Sales Opportunities

In a podcast with Patti Murphy and James Shepherd from the Green Sheet, NMI’s CEO Vijay Sondhi sat down to discuss the recent acquisition of USAePay and how the combination enables our partners to deliver omnichannel solutions across numerous industries.

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Fighting Disruption in Merchant Services with Payments Tech

If you want to understand the incumbent merchant services business, the industry that puts payments capabilities into the hands of merchants, take a listen to this Payments on Fire® episode. It focuses on the realities facing the major stakeholders in that portion of the payments industry through a discussion with NMI, a payments technology provider.

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The Independent Gateway’s Enabling Role

Take a listen as George and Nick Starai, Chief Strategy Officer of NMI discuss the role of the independent payments gateway and its evolution as a technology and business enabler for today’s providers of payment acceptance: ISOs, ISVs, and merchants.

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The Pulse of Payments

Today’s guest is Nick Starai, the Chief Strategy Officer at NMI.

Nick discusses the concept of omni-channel in payments, highlighting the convergence of card-present and card-not-present transactions. He emphasizes the importance of engaging customers wherever they are and the use of QR codes to enable in-store retail transactions to become card-not-present transactions. Nick also notes the need for traditional banks to become tech-enabled to better compete with disruptors in the industry. Finally, he discusses the transportation industry’s need to retool and upgrade their systems, particularly with the Open Payment Initiative for transit.

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