Lead Management and Marketing Automation

Manage your pipeline, sell more, and work smarter. Impress your prospects with custom proposals and electronic contracts that take seconds to create. The best part? You’ll win merchant accounts faster, too.

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Lead Management and Marketing Automation


Use SMS to turn prospects into customers quickly

Lead Reports

Report on unlimited lead fields and customize views by user

Pre-populate merchant agreements

Pre-populate merchant agreements with information from your leads

Automatically notify your team

Automatically notify your team as deals move through the sales cycle

Lead Management
Lead Management

Electronic Signature


E-sign new accounts from anywhere in the world

Increase agent productivity

Increase agent productivity and shorten sales cycles

Incomplete applications

Eliminate the frustration and delays caused by incomplete applications

Stop double data entry

Stop double data entry and streamline your merchant boarding process

Electronic Signature
Electronic Signature

Visitor Tracking

Reach out to your prospects

Reach out to your prospects with a perfectly timed call or email

Track & see what your prospects are clicking

Track & see what your prospects are clicking on and what they are interested in so that you can target them effectively

Improve your lead quality

Improve your lead quality and close more deals

Visitor Tracking
Visitor Tracking

Sales Metrics

Track sales

Track sales related activities like new accounts, notes added, emails sent, and more

Make informed decisions based on actionable data

Competitive sales environment

Drive a competitive sales environment that is easy to manage

Sales representatives

Easily identify your most active sales representatives

Appointment Board

Weekly Dashboard

Weekly productivity dashboard by user or user class

Appointment Agenda

See set, seen, confirmed, and rescheduled appointments

Listen to the recordings of any appointment made when the built-in dialer is enabled


Link directly to your most important leads with a single click

Appointment Board
Appointment Board

Proposal Generator

Pro proposals

Create professional proposals in minutes

Pricing formats

Supports interchange, tiered, and ERR pricing formats

View merchant savings, effective rate, and ISO profitability while creating proposals

Proposal Sharing

Easily share, view, and edit proposals with your team

Proposal Generator
Proposal Generator

Calendar Integrations

Sync tasks and appointments

Sync tasks and appointments with Google Calendar and Outlook 365 Calendar

User Calendar

Manage other people's calendars


Automate reminders for tasks and appointments

Follow up reminder

Never let a follow up or appointment fall through the cracks again

Calendar Integrations
Calendar Integrations

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