An NMI Exclusive: The Payments Innovation Pulse Report

Customers want the most seamless payments experience possible. From buy now, pay later (BNPL) to biometrics and contactless, the payments landscape is constantly evolving to meet consumer expectations. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for merchants, technology providers and financial institutions to know which tools resonate most with consumers.

To help, we surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers to learn what they value in their payment experience. We analyzed the latest payment tools and methods and asked consumers how willing they are to try new payment innovations. The results were clear: most consumers are willing and eager to try emerging payment technologies.

This whitepaper breaks down our findings to help you better understand the consumer preferences and trends shaping the industry. We explore:

  • What consumers value most in their payment tools
  • How many consumers are open to embracing new payment methods
  • Technologies preferred for in-person purchases
  • How generational behaviors shape consumer payment patterns
  • How consumers learn about new payment technologies

With so many new solutions on the market, consumers and merchants expect their trusted partners to provide guidance. Financial institutions and card issuers aren’t the only parties responsible for pushing the needle on innovation – ISOs (independent sales organizations), PayFacs (payment facilitators) and ISVs (independent software vendors) also have a role to play.

Thankfully, research like our Innovation Pulse Report can help you better understand the payments landscape. With the right data, you can make informed decisions and learn how to get ahead of your competition.

Download the full whitepaper to learn more.