Fast, Furious and Here To Stay: The Evolution of the Embedded Finance Ecosystem

From payments and lending to insurance and investments, embedded solutions represent the next generation of finance. In collaboration with the Leaders in Payments Podcast, we sat down with six industry leaders to uncover their insights, opinions and predictions about embedded finance.

This whitepaper offers a comprehensive overview of our six-part series on embedded finance and provides advice from leading voices in the embedded ecosystem, including:

KeyBank EVP and Head of Commercial Product and Innovation, Jon Briggs

In the first episode, Jon Briggs discusses the strategies banks must employ to excel in embedded finance. He also emphasizes the importance of flexibility and highlights the role of technology and partnership in delivering embedded products that drive customer success.

Bain Capital Ventures Partner Sarah Hinkfuss and Investor Tina Dimitrova

In the second episode, Sarah Hinkfuss and Tina Dimitrova explore why payments have been at the forefront of embedded finance’s rapid growth. They also discuss the involvement of multiple entities in the value chain and how digital commerce has driven innovation in the payments market.

Fiat Republic Co-Founder and CC&GO, Sophie Guibaud

In the third episode, Sophie Guibaud provides insights into the “now” of embedded finance, emphasizing the importance of offering financial services when users need them. She credits regulators for enabling more companies to provide financial services and paints a picture of the future of embedded finance (where she envisions a world where banking happens everywhere except banks).

Nium Chief Product Officer, Robin Gandhi

In the fourth episode, Robin Gandhi discusses the essential role of modern APIs in the embedded finance journey. He highlights the unstoppable momentum of embedded finance and addresses potential challenges. He also touches on the significance of data in the ecosystem and emphasizes the need for responsible regulation.

Maast Chief Revenue Officer, Ernie Moran

In the fifth episode, Ernie Moran addresses concerns about the “Death of the ISO” in the embedded finance era. He highlights the unique expertise of ISOs in payments and their potential to take embedded finance to the next level. He also discusses the opportunities beyond just payments, such as embedded deposit accounts.

Inktavo CEO, James Armijo

In the final episode, James Armijo presents a three-phased approach to success in embedded finance: payments, essential financial services and payroll. He emphasizes the importance of solving pain points and providing users value while underscoring the role of modern APIs in this journey.

Download the full whitepaper for more insights from our guests.