Trends in the Payments Industry You Can’t Ignore

ISOs (independent sales organizations) and ISVs (independent sales organizations) are facing an ongoing conundrum – to invest or not invest in emerging and alternative payment technologies.
Will your investment pay off? Are consumers really interested in new payments trends? These are the questions that naturally come with making important business decisions, and we’re here to help navigate them.

This guide explores payment technology trends that industry professionals must watch in 2023 and beyond. We tackle how omnichannel, flexibility and total solutions will define the payments industry in 2023 while also diving into buy-now, pay-later (BNPL) and biometric payment options.

To tie our findings together, we present research that shows how consumers and merchants are willing (and excited) to use new payment technologies and will leave existing partners to look for those who can provide innovative, flexible payment options.

Bottom line, B2B and B2C customers prefer an omnichannel approach. So let our experts at NMI guide you through creating an intelligent strategy for adapting your business to be prepared for 2023 and beyond.

Download the whitepaper below to learn more.