Messaging Is a Huge Channel for Business

Create a Fast and Frictionless Payment Experience

These commerce conversations provide a simple way to take payments, capture cards and get approvals. Invoices sent via email have a low, slow open rate. With NMI’s Authvia integration, request and receive payments faster, safer and simpler while decreasing transaction time and improving customer satisfaction. Pay by text is a true contactless payment solution.

Create a Fast and Frictionless Payment Experience

Eliminate PCI and Data Security Risks

Emails can pose security risks and are not PCI compliant. TXT2PAY® offers the highest level of PCI compliance to keep customer data secure. The integration manages customer data, saving preferred payment methods and adding speed and security to any text to pay request. Additionally, Authvia manages compliance and regulatory requirements such as PCI, Nacha, TCPA, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA.

Eliminate PCI and Data Security Risks

Kount® Advanced Fraud Prevention

Kount utilizes a global database and AI-driven comprehensive fraud screening toolset to provide real-time risk analysis and fraud assessment for ecommerce and card-not-present transactions.

Learn MoreKount® Advanced Fraud Prevention

Automatic Card Updater

Ensures uninterrupted payments for merchants by keeping data stored in the Customer Vault up to date via automatic updates to account information from issuers.

Learn MoreAutomatic Card Updater
Payment Flow Spot

Customer Vault

Maintain a unique token value that enables merchants to repeat transactions without having to store or re-collect payment data — a must for merchants with recurring revenue models.

Learn MoreCustomer Vault

iProcess Mobile Applications

Lets merchants accept EMV card payments on a phone or tablet with our turnkey mobile applications for Apple and Android devices.

Learn MoreiProcess Mobile Applications

Payer Authentication 2.0

Reduce your fraud risk and increase customer confidence with security protocols developed by Visa & MasterCard that allow consumers to shop online more securely.

Learn MorePayer Authentication 2.0
Payment Flow Spot

Don’t just turn on payments, transform the way you do business

  • Generate New Revenue By adding or expanding payment offerings to your solution, you can start earning higher monthly and transaction-based recurring revenue.
  • Offer the Power of Choice Allow merchants to choose from 125+ shopping cart integrations and 200+ processor options to streamline their onboarding.
  • Seamless White Labeling Make the platform an extension of your brand by adding your logo, colors and customizing your URL.

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