Stop Losing Money

Drive operational efficiency and put more time, resources and personnel into true business growth.

Automate and Reduce False Declines

Deliver the most accurate evaluation of risk and trust in real time.

Increase Revenue With Accurate Decision Making

Enable merchants to accept more legitimate orders and prevent losses from fraud.

Customize Rules To Suit a Business or Industry

Adjust thresholds to suit a merchant’s specific risk.

Go Undercover – Detect Fraud
Before It Happens

Benefit from advanced security measures with NMI’s Fraud Prevention Tool

Rule-Based Parameters

Review & define transactions, whether approved or not, by measuring volume per user, the maximum amount charged in one transaction and more.

Prevent Unauthorized Charges

Ban the use of prepaid cards before the transaction is approved by uploading BINs associated with this payment type.

Powerful Yet Simple Fraud Management

Fraud protection designed for small and medium size ecommerce merchants. Try NMI’s Fraud prevention tool now.

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