Chargeback Protection

Visa and Mastercard provide chargeback protection and lower interchange rates for participating merchants.

Cardholder Personalization

Cardholders can sign-up through their bank to create a secure code for their card. The card issuer will then provide additional elements to confirm the cardholder’s identity. Data elements are amended to the authorization and settlement messages.

Secure Online Checkout

During an online transaction, the customer is prompted to enter their secure code, providing a fast and secure checkout process.

Secure Shopping With Safety in Mind

Security protocols verified by Visa and Mastercard make shopping online secure and less vulnerable to fraudulent transactions.

Fraudulent Chargeback Defense

Visa and Mastercard’s SecureCode protects against events of fraud.

International Fraud Protection

Payer authentication provides protection against fraudulent activity everywhere – risk free.

Brand Loyalty and Security

Build a stellar reputation for your brand with additional security measures for your consumers.

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