In the not-so-distant past, technological advancements drove payment trends. Think Diners Club cards, magstripe, debit cards, and EMV technology. Now, however, the scales have tipped toward trends fueled by user preferences. With so many choices – from online payments, fintech solutions, and a variety of card-present options – its users, both consumers and merchants, are today’s trend makers.

Align with these payments trends in 2023, especially if your audience is behind the drive to make them mainstream.

How to Stay on Trend

With growing payment method options and consumers driving payments trends, it can be challenging to predict what’s coming next and how to ensure you can meet demands.

The best strategy is to partner with a payments company that enables a broad spectrum of payment types, continually innovates, and hasn’t given up on technology’s role as a trendsetter.

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Don’t just turn on payments, transform the way you do business

  • Generate New Revenue By adding or expanding payment offerings to your solution, you can start earning higher monthly and transaction-based recurring revenue.
  • Offer the Power of Choice Allow merchants to choose from 125+ shopping cart integrations and 200+ processor options to streamline their onboarding.
  • Seamless White Labeling Make the platform an extension of your brand by adding your logo, colors and customizing your URL.

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