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Enable E-Commerce Payments With A Single Line of Code

NMI Collect.js

Online merchants face an uphill battle every day. They have to master branding, merchandising, shopper personas, personalization and pricing. Payments and security compliance should be the least of their concerns, which is why they turn to you and your solutions. Indeed, online merchants are seeking payment solutions that provide, at minimum, the following:

A Seamless Shopping and Checkout Experience

Often, the payments portion of an online transaction feels disjointed from the merchants’ brand and desired experience. In these cases, the customer experience is potentially damaged by a third-party payments integration that has a look and feel that doesn’t align with that of the merchant. Your customers want an ecommerce experience

Gateways and Merchant Acquirers Powerful Security

The last thing your customers want to worry about is whether or not their technology meets the most current security-related requirements. They want payments solutions that offload the bulk of PCI requirements.

Quick, Easy, and Flexible Integration

When it comes to integrating payments solutions quickly, many vendors overpromise and underdeliver. Whether your customers are just adding an ecommerce component or hoping to move away from their current provider, integration must be fast, seamless, and give merchants plenty of options.

NMI partners can accommodate these requirements and more thanks to Collect.js, a JavaScript library that lets your merchants collect sensitive payment information on their own websites in a PCI-compliant way with as little as one line of code.

Recognizing that most merchants want to maintain their own branding through the entire transaction, Collect.js offers two options. A merchant may choose to use a “lightbox” integration, which will display a themeable credit card form that shows on top of the merchant’s website, for a quick and simple integration. Alternatively, they may prefer an “inline” integration, which will look exactly like the merchant’s existing website and can be customized to fit even the most elaborate designs.

Regardless of the integration chosen, this PCI SAQ-A compliant tokenization solution makes sure your merchant—or criminals—can never access any credit card data.

Additionally, Collect.js is fully compatible with NMI’s other services such as the Customer Vault, a unified tokenized vault that can be used to securely store customer information such as mailing address and birth date to create subscription programs, loyalty programs and more.

By leveraging NMI’s Collect.js technology, you can deliver a modern, simple and secure solution to your customers that removes the headache of compliance while providing a seamlessly branded experience. All this without the exorbitant fees of some off the shelf solutions. With the most powerful customization available alongside security-conscious tokenization, Collect.js is your key to simple payment collection in an omnichannel world.

NMI Team