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Break free from today’s payment crunch

NMI enables thousands of forward-thinking ISOs, Fintech Innovators and Technologists to shift to a new Unified Commerce Strategy to achieve disruptive results. Our leading commerce enablement platform unifies every point of engagement, in-store, mobile, online or self-service, to deliver a singular view of the customer from wherever the transaction takes place.

The NMI difference

We Put Your Business First

Our platform can scale to your business needs and act as an extension of your brand, while enabling you to set pricing and retain full ownership over your customer relationships.

Unify Every Point Of Engagement

A single platform that unifies every transaction with a single token, whether it happens in-store, mobile, online or in a self-service setting.

Singular View Of Customer

Our unified token vault provides you with a single place for all PANs and centralized reporting across every point of engagement through a single integration.

Active Portfolio Management

Multi-dimensional hierarchies enable you to manage unlimited numbers of sub-affiliates and merchants and rapidly onboard an infinite number of MIDs.

Innovating At The Core Of Payments

We have been providing EMV Kernel software, the nucleus of chip card transactions, to the world’s leading manufacturers of EMV payment devices since 2003. This technology leadership gives us an unprecedented understanding of the complex and nuanced payments industry, and as an EMVCo Business and Technical Associate we now help to shape payment industry standards.

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NMI’s contactless payment technology increases donations for UK charity by 309%


Monetize your software and deliver unified commerce

The existing payments landscape for ISVs, VARs and System Integrators is full of fragmentation and complexity. NMI’s unified commerce platform changes all of that and enables you to quickly and easily add payments into your own stack saving you time, money and valuable resources.

Making a simple shift to a Unified Commerce Strategy enables you to open up new revenue streams, drive engagement through transactions no matter where they take place and helps you create a seamless customer experience.

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ISOs & Fintech Innovators

Go beyond payment processing and unify every point of engagement

ISOs and Fintech Innovators are faced with an overwhelming number of disparate options in the current payment landscape. Sorting through all the payment platform options is time consuming and will leave you using disconnected solutions that bind you to their price, terms and brand, while continuing business-as-usual will leave you managing compounding complexity and put your business at risk of being left behind.

Shifting focus to a Unified Commerce Strategy will enable your business to drive new value, create new revenue streams and deliver a unified commerce platform to your merchants.

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Processor connections for every requirement

Our unified commerce enablement platform brings together all the EMV device certifications and processor connections you need to process in-store, mobile, online or self-service transactions, while providing a singular view of the customer.

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All the SDKs and APIs you need

It doesn’t matter if you’re an iOS, Android, Linux or Windows developer, we’ve got SDKs for every need, whether in-store, mobile, online or self-service.

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Proven in the field

NMI is the driving force enabling ISOs, Fintech Innovators and Technologists to compete in today’s new era of commerce where payment processing is the new battleground.

$45 Billion
Payments volume
Technology partners
600 Million
EMV device certifications
Processor connections
Shopping cart integrations

Today’s unified commerce mandate

Unify all points of engagement and deliver a superior merchant and customer experience.

Make it easy to process any type of payment, in-store, mobile, online, self-service, on any device, anywhere.

Collect and unify all payments data into a single token repository and turn it into a new source of value – with full integrity.

Take advantage of new technology and add new business models, markets, value-added services and revenue-sharing opportunities.