Automating decisions reduces false declines

Kount automates transaction decisions based on identity trust levels and business policies. The AI delivers the most accurate evaluation of risk and trust in real time. Never mistake good customers for bad actors again.

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Accurate decisions increase revenue

Fewer false positives decrease abandonment and increase sales conversion rates. In the end, good customers get frictionless, personalized experiences. And businesses can accept more orders and stop fraud losses.

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Stop losing money to fraud

In 2021 alone, ecommerce fraud cost businesses over $20 billion, emphasizing the importance of stopping malicious or suspicious activity that can hinder business success. Businesses manually review up to 8% of orders, but the ones that automate decisions can reduce — or eliminate — manual reviews. Reducing chargebacks while driving operational efficiency and so more time, resources, and personnel can be put into true business growth.

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Enabling an award-winning fraud tool for your merchants couldn’t be easier.

Kount’s comprehensive fraud screening tool set improves customer retention and lifetime value, while the frictionless transaction journey leads to enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Analyze at scale and in real time

Leveraging two types of proprietary AI/machine learning, that work immediately, to simulate the decision process of the most experienced fraud analysts to provide an accurate Kount Score, which is a real-time risk and safety score.

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Simple integration - just turn it on!

Simply enable Kount in the merchant portal and the application begins reviewing merchant transactions.

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The Kount Score is risk simplified

The Kount section within the NMI merchant portal provides a simple two-way status for each transaction: Approved and Declined.

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Enable more accurate decisions, more quickly

Kount is an award-winning leader in fraud protection technology that is fed by global data—over 30 billion transactions reviewed annually, collecting hundreds of variables on every transaction.

Risk management for merchants in any industry

  • Prevent new account fraud
  • Help stop digital payments fraud
  • Curb coupon and promo abuse
  • Reduce ‘Buy Online, Pick up in Store’ fraud
  • Prevent e-gift card fraud
  • Helps prevent chargebacks

Fraud prevention options with Kount | NMI