Increase Visibility in Your Merchant Portfolio With MonitorX

Effective ongoing KYC, AML screening and compliance monitoring at scale.


With AML screening, get insight into each merchant’s digital ecosystem and ensure they stay compliant throughout their lifecycle with you.

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Maintain the Integrity of Your Merchant Portfolio

MonitorX provides ongoing monitoring to ensure merchants are compliant and in good standing. Just set up your processor’s rules and have all your KYC, AML and compliance monitoring checks in one place. The system will automatically alert you of any red flags or suspicious activity so you can combat fraud and accelerate business growth.

Avoid government and regulatory fines

Mitigate risk & focus on scaling your business

Maintain compliance with KYC & AML rules

Enjoy full merchant lifecycle support

Protect Your Portfolio

Close the Loop Between Underwriting and Operations Teams

Schedule necessary KYC, AML and fraud checks and receive real-time alerts about potentially risky behavior. MonitorX’s streamlined, user-friendly portal and central source of data enables businesses to close the loop between underwriting and operations teams.

Our advanced automation ensures your business remains compliant with the industry’s ever-changing rules and regulations.

Centralized ongoing monitoring

Retain merchant portfolio value

Scale apps-per-underwriter

Eliminate mundane tasks and decisions

Remove bias from underwriting decisions

Protect your reputation

Safeguard compliance and risk management

Avoid knowledge loss with staff turnover

Manage Risk & Disorganization

Comply With Ever Changing Rules and Regulations

Avoid government and regulator fines and ensure compliance with major processing platforms’ rules and anti-money laundering regulations. Set up periodic reviews and receive alerts when fraudulent behavior is detected.

With MonitorX, your fraud and underwriting teams can rest easy knowing your merchant portfolio adheres to AML & KYC regulations — even as regulations evolve.

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