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NMI’s perspective on payments industry trends, innovative tech solutions, merchant management and operational best practices. 

What are real time payments? Payment Trends Real-Time Payments: Is the U.S. Finally Catching Up? By Dr. Nigel Jewell Real-time payments (RTP) allow consumers to send direct, bank-to-bank transactions in seconds. They bypass the slow and complex processes that traditional card payments and even wire transfers use, making it faster and easier for consumers to make payments and for businesses to access revenue.  For instance, with RTP, you can send your share of the dinner bill to a friend or pay a contractor for their services on the spot. It allows the people you’re paying to access funds immediately withou... Read More
Modern types of payment acceptance methods Payment Trends An Introduction to Modern Payment Methods By Peter Galvin Until recently, most customers had two payment choices — cash or card. Although that made payments simple for business owners, it was often inconvenient for shoppers. For instance, what if you left home without your wallet? What if your bank locked your card unexpectedly, and you couldn’t complete a purchase? Or your spouse borrowed that last $20 without telling you? Now, advances in payments technology are introducing fast, convenient options that give consumers more choice and flexibility ... Read More
How do Gen Z and Millennials impact payments? Payment Trends Exploring the Impact of Gen Z and Millennials on Payments By Tiffany Johnson The payments industry is rapidly evolving, and young consumers are leading the way.  Gen Zers and young Millennials are the first generations of digital natives. Millennials saw the evolution of smartphones and personal computers, while Gen Zers were raised with revolutionary tech at their fingertips. Now, as these young consumers saturate the market and represent a larger portion of the workforce, payment professionals will need to find new ways to capture their attention and keep them enga... Read More
5 Ways to Tap Into Prime Day Sales Online Payments Prime Day Without Prime: 5 Ways to Tap Into Prime Day Sales By Peter Galvin Amazon Prime Day 2024 is almost here, and that means great deals for Prime members. The sales event started in 2015 as a way to reward Amazon Prime members in celebration of the company’s 20th birthday. Almost a decade later, Prime Day is an annual two-day event that generates over $12 billion for Amazon in the United States alone. As with all good sales, competitors have taken notice, and other retailers — ranging from giants like Walmart, Best Buy and Target to small local businesses — hav... Read More
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