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NMI’s perspective on payments industry trends, innovative tech solutions, merchant management and operational best practices. 

Navigating merchant onboarding Merchant Sign Up Navigating the Merchant Onboarding Process By Jaron Ruckman Merchant onboarding is the series of steps a service provider takes to set up a new account with payment processing through an acquiring bank. It involves collecting a seller’s information in a merchant processing application (MPA) and passing those details to the approving authority for approval or denial. While it may sound simple, onboarding has traditionally been a time-consuming and frustrating experience for independent sales organizations (ISOs) and other payment professionals. In th... Read More
How do embedded payments impact customer loyalty? Payment Platform How Embedded Payments Impact User Loyalty and Retention By Phillip Goericke Acquiring new customers is expensive. A recent McKinsey study found that businesses, on average, need three new customers to compensate for losing one. With the growing costs of acquiring new business, the longer you can retain a customer, the more lucrative that relationship will be. That’s especially true in software, where the widespread adoption of the subscription model has made long-term relationships vital. Today, forward-thinking software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers are making thei... Read More
Simplifying ecommerce payments - integrating with top platforms like shopify Online Payments Simplifying eCommerce Payments: Integrating With Top Platforms By Steven Madow Global retail ecommerce sales have more than tripled in the past decade, hitting $5.8 trillion USD. That number is expected to hit $8 trillion by 2027, making up over 40% of all retail sales. eCommerce is an important channel, with omnichannel payment solutions becoming the expectation among consumers.  To grow their digital footprint and meet the demand for fast, seamless payment experiences, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are looking for better ways to sell online. For most, the... Read More
Merchant underwriting 101 for payment providers Merchant Sign Up Merchant Underwriting 101: From the Basics to Automation By Vicky Duehr How do you stop bad merchants from racking up chargebacks, selling unauthorized high-risk products or services or taking advantage of outdated fee schedules? What about protecting buyers from bad business, predatory practices or outright fraud? Merchant underwriting is one of the most crucial tasks in the payments space; it helps ensure that your merchants are legitimately identified, of proper financial condition, and conform with your risk policies. Unfortunately, error-prone manual proces... Read More
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