In our recent webinar Nick Starai, NMI’s Chief Strategy Officer, discussed contactless payment trends, ways to quickly and easily offer touch-free payment solutions like QR codes and contactless EMV, as well as insights into what the next wave of contactless tech will bring.

Since we didn’t have enough time to answer all the questions submitted during the webinar, we have addressed them below. In addition to the below questions, Nick also answered a number of questions live which were also captured in the webinar replay.

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How about QR code for medical practices?
There are lots of QR code use cases in the medical industry because medical practices currently have an even higher desire to be touch-free than many other businesses. Many medical practice management systems are integrating to use QR via API to have that built-in feeling, however, even without a lot of integration work, offices can generate and print out “static” QR codes for co-pays since it’s pretty common to have $20.00, $40.00, etc..

How does a QR code connect the payee and the amount to an invoice or receipt?
The QR code can have a website URL embedded into the image. When a QR scanner reads a code, it will automatically launch a browser and point it to a specific checkout/payment page.

You recently released a beta for Google Pay in Collect.js. Any ETA on Apple Pay?
Apple Pay for browser-based ecommerce will be available in Q1. It will include mass enablement, which will allow NMI to automatically board merchants in Apple’s system. That removes the need to create their own merchant account with Apple, and also eliminates the annual fee.

Is the QR code specific to an invoice or receipt number, or is it a general basket payment location? How then does a restaurant reconcile the books?
Good question. It can be used either way. Using a fully integrated restaurant POS, the integrator would code to NMI’s QR code API. When a tab/bill is ready to be paid, it would make a simple API call to the gateway passing some important details about the bill. Those details then get encoded into the QR code and when read by the cardholder their specific bill is rendered for them based on the dynamic QR code. Using this integrated method would allow for automatic book reconciliation. For non-integrated, you could have a QR code that launches a page where the cardholder inputs the amount they are paying manually. Using this method, the restaurant would have to reconcile the transaction using the gateway reporting against their bank account.

How do Contactless payments affect chargebacks?
EMV Contactless payments are subject to the “liability shift,” so the merchant does not have liability for chargebacks due to fraud (subject to any limits set by the processor). Non-EMV Contactless payments (such as pay by QR code) are classified as CNP, so merchants should take additional steps to protect themselves against chargebacks, such as address verification, CVV, etc.

Tap on Phone will work great for event parking, pay on entry
Yes, it will!

Will the iProcess app have Tap on Phone? Or will this be directly handled through Apple Pay and Google Pay?
We are planning to add Tap on Phone to iProcess (at least the Android version) as soon as possible.

Is underwriting new merchants part of NMI?
NMI does not underwrite new merchants directly. Our gateway services are provided to merchants by NMI affiliate partners.

Do you support PIN on Glass?
We have just finished our first PIN on Glass certification using an unattended card reader for vending in the UK. More to come.

How many of these solutions are and will be accessible WITH 3DS, since this is becoming the norm?
NMI currently supports 3DS v2 with our Payer Authentication 2.0 value-added service. This service can currently be used with our Three-Step Redirect API and QuickClick to validate the cardholder’s identity, prevent fraud and protect against unauthorized transactions. We also have a number of things on the roadmap for 3DS in 2021. First, we will integrate our payer auth service into our Collect.js and Collect Checkout hosted ecommerce solutions for out-of-the-box 3DS v2 support. Second, we are developing an SDK for you to add to your native mobile application to support 3DS in app. Third, we will support a standalone 3DS v2 service for those that want the added protection of 3DS but are not boarded on the NMI gateway.

Could you take a Micros POS terminal that is swipe, connect it to the cloud and make it EMV?
No, swipe is not classed as an EMV transaction.

If a merchant with one MID has a dozen BBPOS Chippers deployed at different popup locations, will the reporting show sales by location or will it be rolled up and show only by MID?
Yes, you can group transaction reports by Mobile Device regardless of the amount of MIDs that are boarded within a specific gateway account.

What devices/terminals can you work with for the ChipDNA Cloud solution for Canadian merchants? And is Tap on Phone an option now for Canadian merchants or is that coming?
The ChipDNA Cloud solution is not yet available to Canadian merchants since the Ingenico Lane series of terminals are currently certified only with US processors.

Are there any plans to add a full-on retail POS with inventory management capabilities for omnicommerce merchants that sell in person and online?
There are no current plans for this. There are many independent software vendors marketing retail POS applications incorporating full inventory management.

When you use the QR code could you capture the phone number to do a loyalty or bounceback program?
The gateway does not currently manage loyalty, but if those capabilities were added, this would be a great idea.

Will NMI have cash discount/surcharge enabled for their retail applications?
We are planning to evaluate how the market receives cash discounting in our Mobile solution first. Assuming feedback is strong, we’ll be looking to expand the functionality more broadly.

How do I get early access to the NMI Tap on Phone solution?
As we get closer to a Tap on Phone solution, we will be doing some beta/pilot reach-outs – keep your eyes and ears open.

Is NMI working on a cash discount solution for mobile?
Yes, it will be available in Q1 of 2021.

Will ChipDNA Cloud handle PIN debit?
Yes, PIN debit support for ChipDNA Cloud devices is planned for a future rollout.

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