NMI’s Payment Playbook Podcast

Podcast: Enable ISO, ISV & Payment Facilitation Technology with Payment Gateway

Nick Starai, Chief Strategy Officer of NMI, sat down with George on the Payments on Fire podcast to discuss the role of the independent payment gateways and their evolution as a technology and business enabler for today’s providers of payment acceptance: ISOs, ISVs, and merchants.

A key technology and business partner for merchants and the first-line providers of payment services (think ISVs and ISOs) is the payment gateway. At their simplest, gateways provide a single interface to their users that, once built, lets the party using it switch between acquirers with relative ease in order to get better performance, service levels, and/or pricing. For independent software vendors (ISVs) selling line of business software with this flexibility allows their customers to choose their acquirer of choice from the range of acquirers supported by the gateway.

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