Underwrite new merchants in minutes

Agreement Express Merchant ScanXpress enables teams to perform thorough risk assessments with a few clicks in a matter of minutes rather than days.

100+ customizable checks can be performed on each merchant automatically, using the best underwriting data from the web, government and private databases, credit reporting agencies and more.

Risk-scored reports provide an easy-to-understand score out of 100, a summary of yellow and red flags, and a recommendation to approve, request more information, or decline.

Automatic approvals can be enabled for low-risk merchants, leaving human underwriters to focus on what they do best – analyzing the most complex applications and making the tough decisions.

Agreement Express

Automated underwriting with Agreement Express makes due diligence fast, cost-effective and consistent.

With Merchant ScanXpress handling the checks, acquirers no longer have to choose between fast and thorough.
The system never takes shortcuts or misses checks, ensuring risky merchants never slip through the cracks and pricing is always optimized.

Monitor evolving merchant risk automatically

Merchant risk isn’t static. It evolves as merchants process over time and requires constant monitoring and vigilance to ensure correct pricing and risk management strategies.

Agreement Express MonitorX automatically monitors ongoing risk in the background as merchants process. Regular, pre-scheduled checks ensure ongoing compliance and identify potentially risky changes in merchant behavior.

MonitorX performs a variety of ongoing compliance checks in real-time, including:

  • Automated anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Automated Know Your Customer (KYC + KYB)
  • Adverse Media / Negative News
  • High-Risk Website Content Detection
  • Merchant Processing Profile and Risk Exposure
  • 100+ checks through Merchant ScanXpress
  • Anti-fraud checks
Agreement Express

Streamline the merchant onboarding process

Faster underwriting equals faster onboarding. Agreement Express streamlines the overall onboarding process and reduces time-to-processing by hours or even days.

Self-serve application forms enable merchants to submit their details online, minimizing friction and reducing NIGO rates by as much as 30%.

Seamless integration with IRIS CRM TurboApp enables acquirers to complete the entire boarding process in as little as five minutes – from initial application to underwriting to final submission to a processor.

Read more about integrating Agreement Express with IRIS CRM.

learn Read more about integrating Agreement Express with IRIS CRMStreamline the merchant onboarding process
Agreement Express
Reduce the underwriting process from days to minutes

Reduce the underwriting process from days to minutes

Process 10x more merchant applications

Process 10x more merchant applications

Reduce merchant application abandonment by 70%

Reduce merchant application abandonment by 70%

Save up to $60 on third-party fees on each applications 

Save up to $60 on third-party fees on each applications 

Customize 100+ underwriting checks to suit different application types using data from Agreement Express partners like

  • Experian
  • KYC Sitescan
  • G2 Web Services
  • Lexis Nexis
  • Trans Union
  • Open Corporates
  • KYC 2020
  • Giact
  • Google Maps
  • Google Reviews & News
  • TIN Check
  • MATCH by Mastercard
  • OFAC
  • Comply Advantage

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