Maximize the value of your leads

IRIS CRM’s advanced lead management suite enables you to keep the top of your funnel full and turn more leads into signed merchants.

Automated collection enables leads to be pulled directly into the CRM from a variety of sources, making organic lead generation cheaper and far more efficient.

Automated categorization updates lead account status for you as prospects move through the sales process. Better tracking ensures fewer good leads slip through the cracks and improves prioritization.

Automated data capture ensures the CRM never misses the key details of interactions like phone calls, emails, SMS messages, and web visits, enabling agents to deliver a more targeted, efficient, and personal sales process to every merchant.

Maximize the value of your leads

Onboard merchants to new services in minutes

IRIS CRM enables you to onboard merchants to payment processing and gateway services in minutes or even seconds, with pinpoint accuracy every time.

The TurboApp tool cuts boarding time from 30+ minutes to five minutes or less. It pulls all the data from a merchant’s digital MPA and automatically populates an application pre-tailored to the selected processor’s requirements. All the agent has to do is review the merchant’s information, ensure correct pricing, and click submit.

Better still, for low-risk merchants, IRIS CRM enables web-based merchant applications to be submitted instantaneously, with a single click.

Onboard merchants to new services in minutes

Automate residuals to save significant time

Residuals are complex and time-consuming, and wrangling them each month is a headache you don’t need. IRIS CRM automates residual management, providing the key business intelligence you need in seconds, when and where you need it.

The universal reporting dashboard automatically combines reports from multiple processing partners as soon as they hit the CRM, putting complete data on residuals at the portfolio-wide, processor, and merchant levels at your fingertips.

Automatic residual calculations provide you with instant and laser-accurate information on your gross and net residuals and the splits due to your agents, eliminating the need for manual calculations and speeding up payouts.

Automate residuals to save significant time

CRM Productivity Tools

IRIS CRM includes a full suite of productivity tools designed to streamline and enhance all aspects of your operations. By centralizing more of your team’s daily tasks in a single piece of software, IRIS CRM helps you recapture lost time, minimize costs, and work smarter.

IRIS CRM’s built-in power dialer boosts calling efficiency and ties every sales call directly into your customer database. Contact more prospects while simultaneously improving call quality and preparation.

Minimize risk with automated underwriting

IRIS CRM’s integration with Agreement Express® offers access to consistent, thorough, and lightning-fast automated underwriting without ever leaving the CRM.

Save time and simplify communication

IRIS CRM centralizes all of your team’s communications, bringing email, calling, SMS messaging, and even internal chat into the CRM. Centralized communication saves time by reducing the number of platforms and logins your team needs to juggle down to one.

Save time and simplify communication

Improve retention with better support

IRIS CRM improves retention and makes merchants “stickier” by streamlining and improving service and support. The built-in helpdesk organizes support tickets and automates status updates, ensuring no issue ever slips through the cracks and resolutions are reached faster.

Streamline scheduling and meet more merchants

IRIS CRM enables two-way, permission-based syncing with Google and Outlook calendars, centralizing your entire organization’s scheduling. Merchants can even confirm and reschedule appointments automatically via SMS, making the sales process more convenient and helping minimize no-shows.

Simplify applications by going digital

IRIS CRM’s Adobe Sign® integration enables secure, legal signatures to be added to any of your PDF-based forms. E-signature helps you simplify merchant management by storing digital paperwork in the CRM and maximizes merchant convenience by eliminating the need to print or scan anything.

Buy vs. Build

IRIS CRM is the fastest, most cost-effective way to put CRM and customer data at the heart of your operations. It eliminates the need for costly custom development and constant maintenance and includes all the tools your business needs to thrive in the payments space, including API connections to top processors. Why strain your resources and spend months custom-building a CRM and processor onboarding connections when IRIS CRM does it all right out of the box?

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