Drive revenue and reduce merchant attrition with NMI’s value-added services

From fraud prevention and merchant management tools to tokenization and real-time reporting, keep your merchants growing with our suite of Value-Added Services.

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Automatic Card Updater

Ensures uninterrupted payments for merchants by keeping data stored in the Customer Vault up to date via automatic updates to account information from issuers.

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Customer Vault

Maintain a unique token value that enables merchants to repeat transactions without having to store or re-collect payment data — a must for merchants with recurring revenue models.

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Enhanced Data (Level III Processing)

Gives merchants using the Enhanced Data service the best interchange rates available on their transactions.

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iProcess Mobile Applications

Lets merchants accept EMV card payments on a phone or tablet with our turnkey mobile applications for Apple and Android devices.

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Encrypted Devices

Take encrypted payments to the next level with our Swipe POS Software, Customer-Present Cloud, or a custom app you build yourself.

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Electronic Invoicing

Merchants can create an invoice, email it, and allow customers to view their history and submit a payment with just a few clicks.

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Cash Processing

Consolidate electronic and cash payments into a single reporting interface allowing you to view all your income streams in one location.

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Fraud Prevention

Outsmart fraudsters with Fraud Prevention, our rule-based fraud prevention tool, to screen suspicious transaction activity and stay one step ahead of fraud.

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Payer Authentication 2.0

Reduce your fraud risk and increase customer confidence with security protocols developed by Visa & MasterCard that allow consumers to shop online more securely.

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Quickbooks® SyncPay

Enables your merchants to process transactions, create accounting entries and mark transactions as paid right in QuickBooks.

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