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Create exactly the solutions you need to serve your customers and grow your business. Our modular platform allows you to choose just the right features, processors and integrations based on your business model — and then update them as your needs change over time.

Medical + dental

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Keep medical practices running smoothly by enabling payments in-person, online, over the phone, or through manual billing. NMI’s payment gateway also makes it easy to offer recurring payments for your healthcare customers. Our strong security features and encryption capabilities will ensure you meet your obligations to safeguard patient data and comply with industry regulations.

Subscription + membership management

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Membership-based businesses like gyms and subscription services rely on recurring payments that just work. NMI’s flexible payment solutions let you power secure payment collection in-person, online or on a recurring basis so they never miss out on revenue. And our multi-MID capabilities give you the peace of mind to board and manage it all from a single gateway account.


An arm reaching out of a car window to insert a credit card into an unattended payment machine in a parking lot.

Drivers now expect to pay for parking by card or even from mobile devices. We offer parking operators and equipment manufacturers simple, secure and reliable payment options for all types of pay stations, plus a range of payment devices — all certified with leading acquirers and processors. The NMI payment gateway makes adding cashless payments simple, and our web-based reporting allows you to monitor the performance of your fleet in real time.

Nonprofit + charity

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We offer payment processing solutions for nonprofit organizations that need quick, reliable and customizable donation processing. Accept donations online or in-person, set up recurring payments, and ensure that donors’ privacy is protected.


A hand hovering a mobile device over an unattended payment machine at a train station.

NMI supports transit ticketing providers with gateway and secure tokenization services for ticket vending machines and Open Loop fare collection systems. Ticketing systems require fast, secure payments. That’s why some of the world’s leading ticketing system providers trust NMI to provide PCI-validated P2PE authorization solutions. We have the device certifications, processor connections, technical expertise and project management to ensure even the largest deployments go smoothly.


A woman standing outside holding books and paperwork and a mobile device.

NMI offers a modern payment solution that allows educational institutions to accept payments across multiple campuses, collect fees or send tuition bills to students. Our payment processing, billing and hosted payment solutions are a perfect fit for the education sector.


A man with a backpack on holding a mobile device up to a vending machine to complete an unattended card payment.

NMI helps vending machine and kiosk operators accept payments by credit, debit, closed-user-group cards, or mobile phone. Increase your revenue and decrease costs by offering cashless payment options on your machines — simply, securly and reliably. Our refined SDKs make integration easy and fast, allowing you to go to market quickly. And our reporting can use your machine’s built-in telemetry to help you stay informed.

B2B + bill pay

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NMI offers fast, easy payment processing built for business efficiency. From electronic invoicing to Level III processing, we’re here to meet all your B2B payment needs.

Food + entertainment

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Giving diners the right payment options and offering a speedy checkout are key to keeping them coming back. NMI enables seamless payments for your food and entertainment customers — whether it’s fast food, fine dining or retail. Enable online, in-store, contactless and mobile payments to keep your restaurant businesses cooking. And easily power order-ahead and curbside pickup to meet the growing demand for convenient, contact-free experiences.


A hotel employee holding a tablet out to a customer across a counter.

Hospitality clients need the flexibility to accept a variety of international currencies and payment types, support for online and in-person transactions, and the ability to offer a smooth customer experience. NMI’s feature-rich payment gateway solution can help you support your hospitality clients with all that and more.

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