Streamline your merchant services

Increase merchant retention by adding NMI to create a complete — and sticky — offering. Whether you’re just starting or optimizing existing services, you’ll get the technology to solve your pain points without sacrificing your branding, your control or your bottom line.

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Don’t leave money on the table

NMI enables you to create new lines of revenue for your business. Set your own pricing and create plans based on your sales model to earn higher transaction-based and monthly recurring revenue. Plus grow profit by giving your merchants access to an extensive technology stack and more services, all with total control from your offering to your branding.

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Plan for long-term success

NMI is constantly innovating in the payments space, building new technologies to support your needs — now and well into the future. Our white-labeling payment gateway technology lets you sell NMI’s bank payment services as your own, maintaining your relationships and strengthening your brand perception. Not only do you get NMI’s full commerce enablement platform — you get a long-term partner with the experience to help you avoid critical errors and get to market faster.

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Get the flexibility of an agnostic payment gateway

Whereas some payment providers lock merchants into their hardware, NMI is agnostic, giving merchants the freedom to select from thousands of processor and device combinations. With NMI, payments can be easily rerouted to a different provider without any device disruption, so you avoid getting locked into a single payment gateway platform.

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Enable online payments

NMI makes it quick and easy for your merchants to accept card and electronic payments online.

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Offer in-store contactless EMV payments

Enable contactless in-store transactions with our lightweight POS application and certified EMV card readers.

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Power mobile payments

Let merchants take contactless EMV payments on the go with our turnkey mobile applications for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

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Offer unattended and self-service payment solutions

Enable contactless EMV payments in parking garages, vending machines, taxis and more.

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The best way to power payments

Our payments gateway solutions don’t stop here. We’re always evolving and innovating in payments to drive real change and create a positive impact on your bottom line.

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