The Evolution of ISOs & the Future of Payments

The payments landscape is constantly shifting, and an influx of digital disruptors has led to more rivalry and higher stakes for traditional ISOs (independent sales organizations). 

Heightened competition and change are pushing industry professionals to redefine their roles as payment providers, resulting in a new type of independent sales organization - the NextGen ISO. 

These ISOs move beyond standard payments expertise to venture into vertical-specific software solutions. By intertwining technology and payments, NextGen ISOs offer comprehensive, value-driven solutions to meet their merchants’ needs. 

By delivering holistic solutions that transcend traditional payments, NextGen ISOs can:

  • Foster enduring merchant relationships
  • Differentiate their offerings in an increasingly saturated market
  • Develop strategic partnerships
  • Improve sales
  • Capture more share of wallet
  • Promote long-term business growth and stability

Becoming a NextGen ISO can help you unlock unmatched growth and profitability. However, it requires updated sales strategies, thoughtful partnerships and internal realignment. 

In this whitepaper, we explore the ins and outs of the NextGen ISO model and what is needed to transform your business strategy. Download our free whitepaper to learn more.