Keep Revenue Flowing

Reduce the gap between the money you expect to receive and what you are actually receiving. Automatic Card Updater runs in the background to ensure customer information is always up to date – improving your chance of subscription renewal.

Keep Revenue Flowing

Improve Customer Retention and Experience

Decrease friction with customers and proactively put an end to involuntary churn due to expired cards. Automatic Card Updater ensures stored merchant cards always have up to date details on file by periodically checking for updates from the card’s network.

Improve Customer Retention and Experience

Increased Authorization and Approvals

Improve and maintain customer retention and loyalty by decreasing interruptions in recurring subscriptions and memberships. Avoid chasing down customers for updated data using our Tokenized Customer Vault – a tool designed to save you time and money.

Increased Authorization and Approvals

Your Merchants Will Love Automatic Card Validation

NMI’s Automatic Card Updater easily validates data with card networks on any processor, keeping your customer retention growing.

Processor Agnostics and Tokenized Data

Automatic card updater works for any card/processor combination, especially in conjunction with tokenized data within NMI’s Customer Vault.

Uninterrupted Payouts for Subscriptions and Memberships

Get support for all your recurring plans and memberships, with or without the help of NMI’s Customer Vault.

Merchant Customization

Define when customers are auto-drafted with custom schedules that are set behind the scenes. Build your brand’s awareness by easily updating documentation to match your branding.

Optimize Merchant Approval While Increasing Revenue

It takes time and effort to engage with a customer. Enhance your payment retrieval process with advanced card and processor agnostics.

  • Maintain recurring subscriptions with or without Customer Vault
  • Merchant-created custom schedules run in the background
  • White-label reports and documentation
  • Tokenized data in Customer Vault

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“When new customers come to us we already have a solution ready for them, which has been very important for winning new business.”

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