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Holiday Shopping 2020: More Sales, Less Contact

COVID-19 has ensured that this holiday season, like the rest of 2020, will be unlike any other. Brick and mortar retailers will be once again battling on price and convenience against online and local competitors, but they’ll also be following safety best practices and mandates to protect their employees and customers. Depending on how your merchants execute in the coming weeks, the most lucrative shopping time of the year could be a huge break or huge bust.

To aid you in helping your merchants make smart decisions that can positively impact their sales, NMI has surveyed consumers and merchants across the U.S. and created a detailed report loaded with actionable insights. The results of these surveys can help you provide guidance and payment solutions that deliver the greatest value to your clients as they tackle the holiday shopping season and head into 2021.

You’ll find included in the report:

  • Data and analysis concerning consumer spending
  • Common merchant concerns
  • Safety measures merchants are planning to use
  • Planned adjustments to in-store checkout processes
  • New payment methodologies being used

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Download the special report