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NMI launches new brand

We are excited to announce the launch of our new brand which includes a new logo and new website which is rolling out in North America and Europe today.


The aim of our new brand is to visually reflect the fusion of what used to be two separate payments powerhouses - NMI and Creditcall. The logo, which resembles an infinity symbol, incorporates the letters ‘N’, ‘M’ and ‘I’ and represents how we enable countless partners by unifying all payments channels: in-store, mobile, online and self-service. From fresh greens to warm yellows, the crisp new logo colors bring a strong but refreshing look, complemented with the color purple, formerly a Creditcall feature.


As one company, we are in the unprecedented position to give our partners the tools, expertize and freedom they need to be innovative, disruptive and successful in a world where the lines between digital and physical commerce are fading. Amongst our teams, collaboration, knowledge sharing and learning have become part of our new DNA. Being able to visually represent our unique offering while ensuring our transatlantic teams can identify with our new look and feel, has been our top priority.


We are thrilled that the new NMI processes more than $45 billion in payments a year and is the driving force behind 1,000 technology partners and 110,000 merchants who are now shifting to a new unified commerce strategy.

NMI Team