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The challenge

Payment innovator Payter has been in the mobile payments game before the majority of the industry. Indeed, the company was piloting NFC payment solutions back in 2006. Due to the majority of the banking and credit card industry lagging behind, Payter’s initial solutions were closed loop. Once the banks caught up and showed interest in mobile payments around 2011, Payter was eager and ready to leverage its capabilities and industry relationships to launch a new series of unattended payment solutions.

“Creating EMV Kernels is better left to companies that specialize in them and focus on our added value which is creating cost efficient multifunctional terminals.” - Remco Willemse, managing director of Payter

One critical aspect of its unattended solutions was EMV payment. The solutions provider faced a decision: develop the Kernels in-house or buy them from a company with expertise in payment security and EMV Kernels. “It made more sense to buy the Kernels rather than spending time to create them internally,” says Remco Willemse, managing director of Payter. “Creating EMV Kernels is better left to companies that specialize in them and focus on our added value which is creating cost efficient multifunctional terminals.”

Payter evaluated a few different Kernel providers, including NMI, but ultimately selected a provider based on a slightly lower cost and the promise that the provider would manage the certification process when the time arrived. Within a month of working with the chosen vendor, Payter learned that the company didn’t actually own the Kernel, but purchased it from another company. Willemse says this wasn’t a huge deal, but should have served as a warning for what was to come. After working with the vendor for a number of months, the initial certification submission failed. “It failed tremendously,” admits Willemse. “It was a major setback, as we had large pilots with some banks in Europe that couldn’t happen until we could provide certified terminals.” After pressing the vendor to fix the issues, Willemse says they couldn’t get the Kernel up and running. “They also couldn’t address the latest certification specifications,” he says. “The unfortunate result was a delay of 12 months.”

Payter faced a decision. Wait 6 to 8 months longer and hope that the vendor would be able to get the Kernel running — with no guarantee it ever would — or go back to its original list of Kernel providers. The company chose to switch providers, and after follow-up conversations with the original list of vendors, turned to NMI for help in getting the EMV Kernel portion of its solution back on track.

How NMI helped

Due to being behind in its deadline to deliver certified terminals to its pilot customers, Payter asked NMI if they could have working Kernels and certification in only a few months. “They said it would be challenging, but that they’d do their best,” recalls Willemse.

NMI's expertise in EMV certification was apparent to Willemse and Payter’s engineers immediately. “With every interaction, it is clear that they know what they are doing when it comes to EMV, Kernels, and payment security in general,” he says. “Their communication throughout every aspect of the project was exceptional and helped keep the project moving forward.”

Willemse also says NMI's people have an impressive in-depth knowledge of the specifications from Visa and Mastercard and know what each of the card companies likes to see when it comes to specific requirements. “NMI offers a pre-certification check,” he says. “If we passed the pre-certification, there was a 99 percent likelihood to pass the actual certification.” In the end, both the pre-certification and certification passed without an issue. “Not only did their Kernels work as promised, NMI steered us through the certification process with no problems and helped us avoid unnecessary delays.” The total project took 4 months to complete.

How it works

Payter’s P6X contactless payment terminal family is aimed at unattended markets such as vending and parking and can be easily integrated without modification to existing machines. The contactless payment terminals use NMI's EMV Level 2 Kernel, Contactless.LIB, which controls communication between the terminal and a credit or debit card. Today, the company has contactless EMV certifications for Mastercard, VISA, and VISA Asia-Pacific. Transactions are processed via NMI's Payment Gateway to Elavon, one of Europe’s largest acquiring banks. Additionally, Payter recently made use of NMI's Contact.LIB Kernel for a new solution coming to market in the fall of 2016. Thanks again to NMI's help, Willemse is confident the Visa and Mastercard certifications will go without a hitch.

Why choose NMI as your kernel provider?

With more than 15 years of EMV experience and 2 million EMV Kernels deployed worldwide in ATMs, PIN pads, mPOS solutions, parking payment terminals, vending machines, kiosks and a multitude of other devices, our EMV Kernels are recognized as the most adopted, deployed, and trusted in the world. Kernels are available for a variety of platforms and applications.

Additionally, NMI's experience with and knowledge of the specifications from Visa and Mastercard ensure the EMV certification process goes smoothly. Indeed, the company boasts a 100 percent first-time pass certification track record.

The results

With the largest pilot in Europe in the field of contactless and mobile payments and mobile marketing, Payter obtained instant fame and recognition in 2007. Since then, Payter aims to connect the wallet in your phone or card to the physical world of vending, parking, and more. Over the past years, Payter’s terminals and other NFC products have proven themselves in many markets.

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