Payment Facilitator Enablement Technology (FACe)

NMI's Payment Facilitator (pay-fac) enablement technology

NMI FACe technology enables your merchants to launch within minutes.

The NMI platform has built-in payment facilitator (also known as pay-fac) enablement technology, enabling your merchants to launch within minutes by provisioning both the merchant account and gateway services within a real-time manner.

Whether you’re a registered payment facilitator, are considering becoming one or simply want to leverage the benefits without officially registering and managing your merchants’ risk, our platform can scale to your business needs.

Payment Facilitator Enablement (FACe) Technology benefits

Payment facilitator (pay-fac) instant onboarding

Instant onboarding

More and more businesses are coming to expect a quick and seamless onboarding process without all the underwriting headaches and wait times. Our unified commerce enablement platform can deliver exactly that—a speedy and painless process that enables you to create both a merchant account and platform account in a single step in real-time.

Payment facilitator (pay-fac) automated sub-merchant account creation


The platform collects a few simple data points and communicates them to the processor in real-time to create a sub-merchant account under the “master merchant” ID.

Payment facilitator (pay-fac) Know your customer service & reporting


Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements are different for the payment facilitator model, and our platform provides all the tools necessary to manage these KYC requirements, including comprehensive reporting.

Payment facilitator (pay-fac) sub-merchant accounting & billing


Set rates as you see fit for each sub-merchant and the platform tracks the credit card processing and platform fees for every merchant.

Payment facilitator (pay-fac) sub-merchant statements


Send consolidated statements, which include merchant account and platform fees, to all sub-merchants directly from the platform.

Payment facilitator (pay-fac) reconciliation reporting


Our payment facilitator technology provides “gross settlement” statements that make reconciliation painless for sub-merchants.

Payment facilitator (pay-fac) automated chargeback notifications


You and your sub-merchants are kept in the loop on any chargeback activity.

Payment facilitator (pay-fac) consolidated platform reporting


If you also service merchants with traditional accounts, our payment facilitator technology reporting is fully backwards compatible with any traditional merchants boarded on the platform.

Becoming a Payment Facilitator (pay-fac) FAQ

Who can use NMI's Payment Facilitator Enablement (FACe) Technology?

NMI's Payment Facilitator Enablement (FACe) Technology can adapt to the needs of many different business models, including ISOs, VARs, ISVs Fintech Innovators, and Payment Facilitators that cater to merchants in most industry verticals.

How does Payment Facilitator Enablement (FACe) Technology work?

FACe is a layer of our unified commerce platform that operates on a sub-merchant basis where merchants no longer require their own MID. Instead, they are directly boarded under a master MID account on our platform. The merchant simply applies by filling out 7-8 key data points. From there, those data points are evaluated by an underwriting tool and approved or declined in real-time. Once approved, the merchant is boarded as a sub-merchant under the master MID account.

What do I need to do to get up and running with FACe?

Becoming a Payment facilitator (pay-fac) step 1

Go register

Partner registers to become a payment facilitator with a sponsor bank

Becoming a Payment facilitator (pay-fac) step 2

Get approved

Sponsor bank underwrites and approves partner as a payment facilitator

Becoming a Payment facilitator (pay-fac) step 3

Choose technology

Partner selects FACe as their ready-to-deploy payment facilitator technology platform

Becoming a Payment facilitator (pay-fac) step 4

Make it official

Sponsor bank issues the partner their official payment facilitator credentials

Becoming a Payment facilitator (pay-fac) step 5

Open for business

NMI provisions the partner’s credentials into their self-branded FACe gateway platform and officially launches their payment facilitator business

Becoming a Payment facilitator (pay-fac) step 6

All aboard

The newly registered payment facilitator can now begin boarding merchants on their very own payment facilitator and payment gateway platform

Becoming a Payment facilitator (pay-fac) step 7

Smooth sailing

They can run their payment facilitator business with FACe — from billing and reporting to chargeback management

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